John Furner Net Worth How Much Does He Make

John Furner Net Worth How Much Does He Make?

As president and CEO of Walmart U.S., John Furner oversees more than 1.5 million employees, as well as the company’s 4,700 stores, website, app, and supply chain. He also sets the company’s strategic direction and performance goals.

John was Sam’s Club’s president and a chief executive officer from 2017 until 2019. Sam’s Club experienced an increase in membership during his tenure as CEO and had 11 consecutive quarters of positive sales comps.

In 1993, John began working at Walmart as an hourly associate at Store 100 in Bentonville, Arkansas. Assistant store manager, store manager, district manager, buyer, regional general manager, divisional merchandise manager, VP of global sourcing, general merchandise manager, head of marketing and merchandising for Walmart China based in Shenzhen, and chief merchant for Sam’s Club are just a few of the significant positions he has held throughout the company. He is the National Retail Federation’s board of directors chairman.

John Furner Salary

As of September 22, 2022, John R. Furner’s estimated net worth is at least $64.8 Million. Over the past six years, Mr Furner has sold WMT shares for over $19,002,643 while owning over 4,375 units of Walmart Inc stock valued at over $35,960,658. He also receives $9,874,820 in salary from Walmart Inc. as Executive Vice President and President and Chief Executive Officer Of Walmart U.S. division.

Insider trading on Mr Furner’s SEC Form 4 for WMT shares

Since 2017, John has traded Walmart Inc. stock more than 16 times, according to Form 4 submitted to the SEC. On September 22, 2022, he most recently sold 4,375 shares of WMT stock for $587,913. His biggest transaction was the sale of 50,000 shares of Walmart Inc. stock for more than $5,825,000 on February 24, 2020. Since 2017, John has traded 5,089 units every 59 days on average. He still has at least 268,183 units of Walmart Inc. stock as of September 22, 2022. The full history of Mr Furner’s stock trades is available at the bottom of the page.

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John Furner’s life story

The Company’s Walmart U.S. division’s Executive Vice President, President, and Chief Executive Officer is John R. Furner. Mr Furner has been the Company’s Sam’s Club segment’s executive vice president, president, and chief executive officer since February 2017. Mr Furner held the positions of Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Sam’s Club from October 2015 to January 2017.

From January 2013 to October 2015, Mr Furner held the positions of Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Walmart China, Senior Vice President, Home and Apparel and Global Sourcing, Senior Vice President, Proprietary Brands and Merchandising Solutions, and Senior Vice President, Global Sourcing.

Earlier, Mr Furner worked for the company in some capacities. Before being elevated to Vice President-Divisional Merchandise Manager in 2006, Mr Furner began working for the company in 1993 as an hourly store employee. He then held some positions, including store manager, district manager, and buyer.

What is John Furner’s salary?

John Furner receives $9,874,820 in total pay from Walmart Inc. as Executive Vice President and President and Chief Executive Officer Of Walmart U.S. division. At Walmart Inc., 5 executives are paid more, with Suresh Kumar receiving the highest salary of $45,898,700.

What is John Furner’s age?

John Furner, 46, has served as Walmart Inc.’s executive vice president and president and chief executive officer since 2019. At Walmart Inc., there are 4 younger and 22 older executives. S. Robson Walton, Director of Walmart Inc., is the company’s oldest executive at 74.

Trading by insiders at Walmart Inc.

Insiders at Walmart Inc. have purchased 867,237 units worth $46,252,616 and sold approximately $65,768,854,647 worth of stock over the past 19 years. S. Robson Walton, Alice L. Walton, and Jim C. Walton are some of the most active insider traders. Every ten days on average, Walmart Inc. executives and independent directors transact stock worth $131,034,357. John R. Furner made the most recent stock transaction on September 22, 2022, exchanging 4,375 units of WMT stock for a total value of $587,913.

What is Walmart Inc.’s mission?

Through its retail locations, website, and mobile app, Walmart Inc. enables customers anywhere in the globe to save money and live better. Over 265 million customers and members visit over 11,400 stores under 55 banners throughout 26 countries every week, in addition to eCommerce websites. Walmart has about 2.2 million employees worldwide and expects to earn $524 billion in the fiscal year 2020. Walmart is still a pioneer in corporate charity, sustainability, and employment opportunities.