John Lennon's Angry Letter To Paul McCartney Up For Auction

John Lennon’s Angry Letter To Paul McCartney Up For Auction

A letter John Lennon sent to Paul McCartney incensed after The Beatles split is being auctioned up. The starting price for this memorabilia auction, held by Gotta Have Rock and Roll, is $20,000. The information provided by the sale indicates that Lennon’s letter was a response to an interview McCartney gave to Melody Maker in 1971, during which he expressed his unfiltered opinions on Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, the separation of The Beatles’ commercial companies, and other topics.

Lennon’s scathing track “How Do You Sleep” from his Imagine album, which features lyrics like “the only thing you done was yesterday,” “the sound you produce is muzak to my ears,” and “those crazies was correct when they said you was dead,” was the main inspiration for McCartney’s interview. After reading the interview, Lennon became so furious that he penned a three-page, signed letter to McCartney and sent it to Melody Maker, pleading for it to be printed. Lennon addresses Paul, Linda, and the other wee McCartneys with some fondness at first, but he soon goes into a furious tirade criticising McCartney for attributing The Beatles’ breakup to him.

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Who the hell hauled us to court and publicly s**t all over us if you’re not the aggressor, as you claim? Who was purchasing shares of Northern Songs under my back? Lennon penned a significant passage. Even before [Alan] Klein entered the room! (No justification) Who is the man who warned me over the phone two weeks ago that he would “finish” Ringo and Maureen? Who claimed that he would “get us” at whatever cost? — Have you ever considered the possibility that you might be mistaken about something, as I’ve suggested before?

Lennon responds to McCartney’s remarks in the interview about how he liked Imagine to Lennon’s earlier solo albums because “there was too much political material on the other albums.” “So you think ‘Imagine’ isn’t political, it’s ‘working class here’ [sic] with sugar on it for conservatives like yourselves,” Lennon shot back in response. It’s clear that you didn’t like the words. Imagine! You interpreted “How Do You Sleep” literally.

The P.S. at the conclusion of Lennon’s song responds to McCartney’s request for the two of them to get together without their respective spouses. The request to meet WITHOUT LINDA AND YOKO was the part that really perplexed us, Lennon wrote. “I figured you’d know by now that I’m JOHNANDYOKO,” he said. The letter is currently up for bid, and the projected selling price is between $30,000 and $40,000.