JoJo Siwa Calls Candace Cameron Bure 'Rudest Celebrity'

JoJo Siwa Calls Candace Cameron Bure ‘Rudest Celebrity’

JoJo Siwa didn’t communicate with one particular Fuller House star in the best way. According to Page Six, Siwa claimed on TikTok that Candace Cameron Bure was the “rudest” celebrity she had ever encountered. She also mentioned Miley Cyrus as the “nicest” celebrity she has ever met.

Siwa shared a now-viral TikTok on Sunday in which she discussed some of her contacts with other celebs. Siwa shared her responses in the video by fast flashing pictures of famous people. Who the So You Think You Can Dance judge identified as the “rudest” celebrity she has ever encountered was one of the biggest shocks in the footage. Siwa displayed a picture of Bure from her phone in order to identify the celebrity.

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Siwa withheld any additional information regarding her interactions with Bure, including their first meeting. The Dance Moms alum did, however, go to the Fuller House debut in 2016, according to Page Six. Additionally, both of them have participated in separate seasons of Dancing With the Stars. In addition to naming the “rudest” celebrity she has ever encountered, she also named the “nicest”: Miley Cyrus.

Siwa identified Zendaya as her favourite celebrity. She also referred to Spongebob Squarepants as doing her “dirty” and described Elton John as the “coolest” person she has ever met. “Pool day = exposed,” the DWTS alum captioned her video. It’s not surprising that Siwa listed Cyrus as one of the “nicest” persons she’s encountered in the entertainment world given that she has previously written about meeting her. In May 2020, Siwa revealed to her followers that she had met Cyrus and said that the Hannah Montana actress was the inspiration behind her desire to enter the industry.

“She is undoubtedly the reason for my actions today. You know, you never know what someone is going to be like in person, so when they turn out to be so beautiful, it’s just incredible,” Siwa said to Access Hollywood, adding that Cyrus is “the best human on Earth.” I mean, I was infatuated with Hannah Montana from such a young age.” She spoke with the outlet and posted details of their encounter on social media, “I met Miley today, and we had the most amazing chat. I never imagined this day would come, and it is now a day I will never forget. I’m very glad I met you, @mileycyrus, and you are a truly wonderful person. You changed my life today, so thank you for being you. I cherish you.”