Jordan Peele Movies Get Virtual Reality Experience

Jordan Peele Movies Get Virtual Reality Experience

Fans of Jordan Peele may now explore the Metaverse’s Nope universe through a new enigmatic virtual reality experience. According to Variety, Universal Pictures and Jordan Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions have teamed up with Meta for a novel approach of frightening people. On the Quest 2 virtual reality headset, the Horizon Worlds app from Meta offers “Nope World” for no charge. The experience starts with “Monkeypaw Productions: All Aboard,” in which you are a passenger on the Monkeypaw train and see Easter eggs from Jordan Peele’s Nope, Get Out, and Us, according to Variety.

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Visitors to “Nope World” can play minigames, connect with other fans (up to 11 at once), play records, ride motorcycles, and experience interactive features such as being pulled up into the sky by a foreboding storm cloud. Don’t worry (or expect) any spoilers because despite their cooperation with Monkeypaw, the creators of Horizon Worlds didn’t receive any exclusive information about the movie. Creator Matt Torres remarked, “We got to throw in things that we loved since we watched the [Nope] trailers so many times.” It’s a terrific location to hang out and get a taste of Haywood Ranch life.

People can fully immerse themselves in Jordan Peele’s cinematic brilliance through the VR experience we created with Universal and Monkeypaw, according to Katie Jones, Meta’s lead for North American studio partnerships. This is an exceptional chance for moviegoers to discover this world with like-minded individuals, and for our partners to engage their audiences in fresh ways.

Later this summer, “Nope World” will be joined by “Get Out World” and “Us World” if travelling through settings from horror films appeals to you. You can always visit Universal Studios to experience the newest Nope attraction, Jupiter’s Claim, if you prefer your reality to be authentic. In either case, it’s obvious that Peele is bending reality itself to fit his twisted vision. Beware!