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Josh Barro Believes Gavin Newsom Is ‘Gross And Embarrassing’ And Will Never Be President

Josh Barro Believes Gavin Newsom Is 'Gross And Embarrassing' And Will Never Be President

Josh Barro Believes Gavin Newsom Is 'Gross And Embarrassing' And Will Never Be President

According to former Business Insider editor Josh Barro, Gavin Newsom’s latest efforts to garner national media attention are “gross and cheap,” and the California governor detests the thought of running for president. Gavin Newsom was slammed for his recent decision to use reelection funds to create billboards in South Carolina and six other states in a new post from the self-described neoliberal journalist’s website, titled “Gavin Newsom Is Gross and Embarrassing and Will Never Be President.”

According to Barro, the “California is ready to help” billboards amount to utilizing women as a “prop” to enhance Newsom’s public image. They point people in conservative states to information on access to abortions. Additionally, Newsom’s suggestion that he and DeSantis engage in a debate on CNN serves only to “bring attention” to the California governor rather than addressing the issue of immigration.

Barro’s “second annoyance” comes from the fact that Democrats already have Joe Biden for the 2024 presidential race and that, thanks to his accomplishments, he is now the party’s “best chance” to win the presidency. Additionally, the author said that Newsom’s recent antics damaged Biden and that the president replied by interjecting himself into a California state policy debate over farmer unionization.

“According to Politico, Newsom is reported “privately furious” over Biden interfering with California business in a way that exposes a rift between Newsom and labor. If it upsets Newsom so much, he might want to think about staying out of Biden’s business “added Barro.

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Barro, though, believes that Newsom is a poor choice for any election, except a race against a Republican in California’s deep blue region. The LA-based journalist attacked the governor as a “replacement-level liberal” Democrat who relies on PR gimmicks to win over “core MSNBC viewers” because she lacks a compelling history, compelling ideologies, or a committed support base.

Barro outlined a long list of Newsom’s previous scandals, which included an affair with the spouse of his close friend and campaign manager, a prior romance with a minor who couldn’t legally consume alcohol, and the infamous dinner at The French Laundry hours after telling Californians not to celebrate the holiday during COVID-19.

“He took all of those actions! He is an effete, sleazy, arrogant liberal from San Francisco who seems like he could hit on your wife if she’s attractive. He is essentially the antithesis of Relatable Joe from Scranton. A better choice would be Kamala Harris, “Barro went on to say that Newsom had the same appeal as a used car salesperson who no one would ever buy from.

Barro claims that despite the “repellence of his image,” Newsom has accomplished essential things for California, such as signing measures about affordable housing. Newsom continued criticizing Republican governors as recently as Tuesday, confirming rumors that the governor would run for president in 2024.

He said at the Clinton Global Initiative Meeting, according to KXTV in Sacramento, “Those conservative governors out there, Greg Abbott and others, they’re as foolish as they want to be, and they’re just doubling down on stupid, and we will not follow their route.”

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