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Josh Duhamel And His New Wife Audra Mari

Josh Duhamel And His New Wife Audra Mari

Josh Duhamel And His New Wife Audra Mari

Some folks might be taken aback by Josh Duhamel and his new wife Audra Mari’s Halloween costumes. On October 28, the former Miss World America appeared at the glitzy Casamigos Halloween party, looking a lot like Anna Nicole Smith.

The Mighty Ducks accompanied him: Game Changers actor, who was channelling the late model’s much older late husband, J. Howard Marshall, while walking with a walker.

When Anna and the Texas oil billionaire married in 1994, she was 26, and he was 89, they caused an uproar. After 13 months of marriage to the model, who passed away in 2007 and did not inherit any of his wealth despite a court battle, he passed away the following year at the age of 90.

After dating for three years, Josh, 49, and Audra, 28, married on September 10 in their native North Dakota. Later that month, the actor admitted to Francesca Amiker of E! News, “I knew that she was the one early on.” “We fit each other like a glove.”

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Josh went on: “She is a wonderful woman. She keeps me in my place. She remains honest. We both love living by lakes and are from the same state. On the lake, we spend a lot of time together.”

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