Juan Carrito, Italy's Loved Brown Bear, Dies in Traffic Accident (1)

Juan Carrito, Italy’s Loved Brown Bear, Dies in Traffic Accident

Juan Carrito, Italy’s Loved Brown Bear, Dies in Traffic Accident: Juan Carrito, a rare brown Italian bear, is no longer alive. The young Marsican bear, who was three years old, had gained notoriety for his excursions to isolated mountain towns in the Abruzzo region. The bear was killed on Monday afternoon near Castel di Sangro after being struck by a car.

The loss of Juan Carrito, who had grown to be a revered character in the area, has significantly impacted the neighborhood. He was commonly viewed as an unofficial mascot by many people who had grown accustomed to seeing him roaming the villages. His loss serves as a warning of the wildlife’s vulnerability and the necessity of being alert to creatures that might cross streets and highways.

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Marco Marsilio, the regional president, expressed his sorrow after learning of Juan Carrito’s passing. He said, “I learned of the news of the death of Juan Carrito, the most renowned and adored Marsican bear in Abruzzo, with profound grief.” The legendary Marsican bear Juan Carrito was well known for frequently visiting towns and cities, especially the ski resort town of Roccaraso.

He resisted attempts to rewild him and made daring forays into the town. He broke into a bakery in late 2021 and devoured a batch of brand-new biscuits. He was also frequently seen digging through bins for food like leftover pizza and sandwiches, drinking from a fountain, and sleeping among pine trees.

Following his theft of the biscuits, Carrito was apprehended and secluded in the highlands. He eventually left, though, and in March of the following year, he was arrested and imprisoned. Carrito returned to Roccaraso, where he had previously been spotted skiing earlier this month despite his unsuccessful attempt to rewild him.

Democratic party representative Luciano D’Alfsono voiced his sorrow at hearing of Carrito’s passing and claimed it was a loss for the entire region of Abruzzo. He also emphasized Carrito’s “irreverent and free nature,” which the people of Abruzzo will remember.

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Many people expressed their sorrow at Carrito’s passing on social media and shared personal accounts of their interactions with the adored bear. One Twitter poster said the impression that Carrito had grown to be a beloved member of the neighborhood by writing, “Juan was one of us.”