Judge Rules Jamie Spears Must Sit For Deposition

CNS — Los Angeles Britney Spears’ attorneys and her father’s attorneys sparred during a contentions hearing on Wednesday regarding whether their clients will be required to take depositions in the post-conservatorship era. After the dust settled, the singer received the best result. Court Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles Superior Court stated that Jamie Spears must appear for a deposition by his daughter’s lawyers by August 12; nevertheless, the judge hesitantly opted against allowing the entertainer to be deposed. Before a hearing on July 27 in which she is expected to make a final ruling, she requested additional information.

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Jamie Spears’ requests for records from his daughter were similarly rejected by the judge, who determined that the information was not pertinent. On November 12 of last year, the same judge dissolved the conservatorship over Britney Spears. The singer is contesting an accounting and fees request, and Jamie Spears’ attorney Alex Weingarten said he will ask a state appellate court panel to review the judge’s decision not to order Britney Spears to produce documents as well as the tentative denial of the singer’s deposition. The decisions, according to him, “fare against the legislation of this state.” It is a fundamental right, Weingarten said, adding that Britney Spears’ deposition would be brief if she testified that she lacked any pertinent documents.

The request for a deposition, according to Britney Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart, is Jamie Spears’ attempt to “retraumatize” his daughter by making her take a deposition while her father is present. Rosengart declared, “Mr. Spears is not the victim here. The argument was started by him, but my client wants to end it. Jamie Spears, according to Rosengart, has resisted attempts to have him testify for nine months about his knowledge of the pop star’s financial situation and the amount of money he has received over the years while serving as a co-conservator of her estate. In February 2008, the conservatorship was put in place as a result of the performer’s peculiar behaviour.

Rosengart disagreed with Weingarten’s proposal to appoint a referee to handle the case’s burden while still requiring the judge’s approval of any decisions made. According to Rosengart, the appointment would simply result in higher costs overall. Penny asserted that she has sufficient time to handle the case and all pertinent concerns while treating everyone equally, whether or not they are well-known.

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