Kate Winslet Tells Young Interviewer, You Don't Have to Be Scared

Kate Winslet Tells Young Interviewer, “You Don’t Have to Be Scared”

Kate Winslet Tells Young Interviewer, “You Don’t Have to Be Scared”: A teenage reporter’s first interview with Kate Winslet was unforgettable. The 47-year-old actress sat down with a logo! To advertise her most recent movie, Avatar: The Way of Water, a young reporter named Martha was used. Martha says to Winslet in a scene that was tweeted on Sunday, “Um, it’s my first time.”Winslet replies, “It’s going to be the most amazing interview,” promising her.

The Academy Award-winning actress queries the budding reporter, “And do you know why?” “Because we’ve agreed that it will be,” she replied. In the video, which has received more than 1.2 million views, she continues, “Me and you have already decided that this is going to be a pretty great interview.”

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Winslet reassures her, “You can ask me anything you want, and you don’t have to be terrified.” “Everything is going to be wonderful. Okay, you can handle this.” It’s safe to say that Martha warmed up to the big moment because they afterward took a sweet selfie. Winslet revealed to PEOPLE in December that she was inspired to make the movie by her close relationship with her kids.

The movie has reportedly generated $1 billion at the box office since its December 16, 2022, premiere. Winslet recalled her reaction to receiving the original contact from filmmaker James Cameron as “simply incredibly pleased to plunge [into the world of Avatar] and very excited to be asked.”

“I was in awe when he called and detailed the position, saying, “My God, that sounds great.” And my children pleaded with me to do it, saying, “Oh my God, mom.” I responded, “Obviously,” They’re going to send the script, I remarked. They responded, “No, it makes no difference.” Just go ahead and do it!”

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Winslet is the mother of Mia, 22, Bear, 9, and Joe, 19. The role in the eagerly awaited sequel also gave the diva the chance to rejoin her Titanic director, with whom she has maintained contact since the publication of the 1997 smash movie. She also had the approval of her children.

“Over the years, we’ve maintained constant contact. He is excellent at buying gifts for birthdays and holidays “Regarding Cameron, Winslet stated. “He never forgets. He’s incredible.”