Kathleen Nimmo Lynch Husband Still Together (2)

Kathleen Nimmo Lynch Husband Still Together?

Taylor Lynch, who was a consultant for the Boston Celtics and is the husband of Ime Udoka’s mistress Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, is the subject of a lot of news stories right now. Recent news stories said that Udoka was fired from his job as head coach of the Boston Celtics on Thursday, September 23, for breaking team rules. ESPN says that he was suspended because he used bad language in a conversation with a female subordinate before starting an inappropriate relationship with the woman at work.

Rumours have spread that the former head coach had an affair with the team’s service manager, Kathleen and that he cheated on his fiancee, Nia Long. The Celtics haven’t said who Udoka’s girlfriend was, but The Daily Mail says that Kathleen’s name has been leaked online. Joe Mazzulla, who was an assistant coach, is now in charge.

Lynch, who is married to Kathleen, used to work for the Boston Celtics. At the same time, both of them joined NBA teams, but Lynch didn’t stay with the Celtics for very long, according to focus. He has worked as a consultant associate for the last five years at Mercer, a well-known company that manages assets.

His Facebook bio says that he used to be an Analyst at Whipstitch Capital and studied Exercise Physiology at BYU-Idaho. Also, Lynch worked for the Nutrition & Athletic Performance Program at the Boston Celtics from August 2014 to October 2014, which is three months. According to their Facebook profiles, they got married in the same year, 2014. The couple has three kids.

The most recent piece:

The couple seemed to have a great and beautiful relationship. Their social media profiles make it look like they are a happy family. But now that they’ve heard the news, it seems like their perfect relationship may take a turn for the worse.

The team service manager, Kathleen, is mostly in charge of making sure that Celtics family members have travel, lodging, and game tickets. The relationship was said to be short and mutually agreed upon. The 34-year-old team service manager was born and raised in a Mormon family. He seems to have long-lasting ties with Danny Ainge, who was the team’s executive director of basketball operations and is now with the Utah Jazz. He gave her a hand in getting this job.

The team had started looking into how Kathleen and Udoka were getting along before. The Daily Mail said that Ainge knew about this move by the team, but he did not get involved with the investigation or the team’s decision to suspend the coach.

In the meantime, sources told the newspaper, “How close she was to the Ainge family, where she went to school, or what she believed had nothing to do with how bad her punishment was. The good thing is that everyone feels bad about what happened and is trying to get their families and lives back by taking responsibility and being humble.”

 Udoka released a statement about his suspension, which said, “I want to apologise to our players, fans, the whole Celtics organisation, and my family for letting them down. I am sorry for putting the team in this hard situation, and I accept the team’s decision. Because I care about everyone involved, I won’t say anything else.”