Kay Parker Cause Of Death

Kay Parker Cause Of Death: Adult Film Star And Writer Dies At 78

At the age of 78, “Taboo: Sacred, Don’t” author Kay Parker passed away on October 14, 2022. Her reason for death has not been disclosed by her family.

Kay Taylor Parker was born in England in August 1944, and she grew up in a traditional family. At the age of 21, Parker emigrated to the US.

The author enjoyed a prosperous career in the import industry after relocating to the United States. In San Francisco, Kay developed an interest in performing and started taking theatre classes.

John Leslie apparently suggested she participate in one of his upcoming projects, which is how she purportedly got her start in the adult film business in the late 1970s. In a non-sex role, Parker made her film debut in “V” – The Hot One.

Soon after, Sex World director Anthony Spinelli persuaded her to participate in her first sex scene. Kay became a top star in the adult film industry and was paired with younger co-stars despite entering the industry later than most.

Parker frequently played roles for adult women, such as mothers, affluent aunts, wealthy divorcees, stepmothers, and so forth. She was most recognised for her parts in the 1980 movie Taboo and the 1978 film Dracula Sucks.

The mid-1980s saw the actress leave the porn industry. She spent some time serving as the public relations agent for Caballero Home Video.

Parker played in a number of popular films and television shows, including The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

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Actress Kay Parker Passed Away at the Age of 78

Kay Parker, a mentor and metaphysical counsellor, died at the age of 78. Her passing has been verified, however, the exact cause of death is yet unknown.

Parker’s autobiography, Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch: An Autobiographical Journey Spanning Six Thousand Years, was published in 2001. Parker writes about her upbringing, her work in the adult business, and her encounters with the metaphysical in her autobiography.

In 2016, a redesigned edition titled Taboo: Sacred Don’t Touch – The Revised Version was released. She then had a widely followed YouTube channel where she responded to inquiries from viewers in her videos on a variety of topics related to spiritual practices for personal development.

The celebrity also provided private Skype consultations with people who paid her for spiritual guidance. Her transformation from a pornstar to a metaphysical counsellor is the topic of the documentary A Taboo Identity.

Fans and friends of Kay Parker expressed their profound sorrow at the shocking news of her passing. Additionally, a lot of admirers posted condolences and homage on Twitter.

“Kay Parker, an adult film actress who passed away this week, is remembered. She left behind an interesting existence, both inside and outside of the XXX industry, and she was a unique kind and generous personality. She will be missed,” read a tweet from The Rialto Report’s official account.

R.I.P. to an adult cinema legend, an all-time great, one of the first MILFs (before the phrase was even coined), and one of my personal faves, the incomparable Miss Kay Parker, who wrote one Twitter user.

‘R.I.P. Kay Parker. By all accounts from those who knew her personally, she was a very charming and sweet person. She introduced a true sense of refinement and elegance to the adult cinema.

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