Kenan Thompson Teases Possible ‘SNL’ Exit

Since its 1975 debut, Saturday Night Live has maintained a consistent comedic presence on late-night television. So much so that some fans might have thought it would never end. However, not everyone agrees with that opinion, especially some of the show’s cast members. SNL’s creator Lorne Michaels had previously proposed that the show might end appropriately at 50 years. It seems the longest-serving cast member on the programme holds a similar viewpoint. On the show Hell of a Week this past Friday, July 29, Kenan Thompson spoke with presenter Charlamagne Tha God about the reports that Michael may be retiring after hitting 80 in just three seasons

After talking about Thompson’s visit on Mike Tyson’s podcast and moving on to SNL and Chris Rock’s status as a “white famous” black man and cast member, Charlamagne finally brought up the rumour that SNL would be ending after 50 years. That’s the rumour, right? The question “All right. I should thus begin my planning. After some lighthearted banter, the seasoned cast member took the subject seriously. Because 50 is a decent number to stop at, Thompson remarked, “I mean, there may be a lot of reality to that rumour.”

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Michaels appeared on CBS Morning with Gayle King in the latter part of last year and clarified his position: “I believe that I will continue to host the programme through its 50th anniversary, which will be in three years. Seeing that through is something I’d like to do, and I have a feeling that would be a great moment to leave.” The still-speculative conclusion would force SNL to end after the 2024–2025 season.

Thompson remarked that Michaels, who has been producing SNL from its inception, “has had his touch on the whole affair.” From the perspective of the cast member, “the same kind of programme” could not continue without Michaels. He clarified that he does not imply the programme might not continue, rather that without its adored host, SNL might come under attack from “business wolves.”

Since 2003, Thompson has been a part of the NBC comedic sketch programme. He was nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards for his work on Saturday Night Live, and he won one of them. Charlamagne questioned Thompson about his plans for the future. With his production company and his desire to become a producer and provide jobs for others, the SNL star doesn’t seem to be concerned about his prospects for the future.

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