Kimberly Zapata Charged With Ballot Fraud In Milwaukee

Kimberly Zapata Charged With Ballot Fraud In Milwaukee

The ousted deputy director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, Kimberly Zapata, was accused by prosecutors of making phoney ballot requests. She might spend up to five years in prison if found guilty. According to Milwaukee County prosecutors, Zapata acknowledged fabricating false names and directing military ballots to be shipped to the residence of a state senator to reveal flaws in the state’s electoral process.

The three absentee ballots surprised state representative Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls), who had expressed her amazement. She informed the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office about them. Votes were cast for Holly Brandtjen, Holly Jones, and Holly Adams, three nonexistent people, according to the prosecution. The lawsuit against Zapata said that she provided the votes to Janel Bradtjen “to divert JB’s attention from absurd conspiracy ideas and to something that is genuinely real.”

The congressman filed a complaint on Friday, November 4, along with other voters, requesting that military absentee ballots be sequestered before the election. The Thomas More Society complained about Zapata’s alleged acts in a lawsuit filed in Waukesha County.

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According to court documents, the votes were mailed by Menomonee Falls, Shorewood, and South Milwaukee municipal clerks. The complaint claimed that all three ballots were “labelled as military absentee ballots” and were obtained through the MyVote website. According to Wisconsin law, military voters do not need to present a photo ID to receive an absentee ballot.

According to the accusation, Zapata made up the fictitious names and claimed they were military personnel voting. The complaint claimed that she obtained Brantdjen’s address from a database using her official access to mail the ballots there.

According to the complaint, Clarie Woodall-Vogg, executive director of the Milwaukee Election Commission, sent Zapata “an item on an unknown individual falsely asking for military absentee ballots” on October 31.

According to the complaint, Woodall-Vogg also forwarded Zapata another message that included a “statement made by (Janel Brandtjen) regarding how simple it was to receive military ballots.” According to the complaint, Zapata retorted, “She has a point.”

On November 1, Zapata approached Woodall-Vogg at work. According to the complaint, Zapata acknowledged that she had made the fake voters and used false information to request that the ballots be delivered to Brandtjen’s house to demonstrate how simple this fraud could be.

Investigators questioned Zapata, and the following is a summary of the suspected motivation: “Zapata took this action to demonstrate that fraud does exist. She claimed that instead of the prevalent conspiracy ideas, she wished to expose the real scam.

Zapata claimed that she was overburdened due to the violent threats that the Election Commission received, in addition to the ongoing daily harassment and defamation claims that she was lying and concealing information. She said she wanted the truth to be out so they could concentrate on the real issues.”

For seven years, Zapata was employed by the Milwaukee Election Commission. According to city officials, after Zapata confessed to Woodall-Vogg about her behaviour, the city promptly blocked her access to its databases. According to city officials, all the elections she participated in are also being investigated.

FOX6 News interviewed Zapata during the primary election in August. On Thursday, Zapata declined to speak with FOX6 and then sped away. Three counts of making a false statement to get an absentee ballot were added to the charges against Zapata by the prosecution for misconduct in public service. On Monday, November 28, she is anticipated to make her first appearance in Milwaukee County court.

City and election officials react.

On Monday, the steering and rules committee of the Milwaukee Common Council will hear from the city’s director of elections. Most likely, a closed session will be held. “We are disappointed because it shows a problem when there isn’t. No votes were cast in violation of the law.

Perhaps not even the intention to cast votes fraudulently, “Bob Bauman, an alderman, claimed. “That event like this may occur is kind of mind-boggling. I don’t want to guess, but it is evident that there are some needs we must consider, “Mayor Mark Borkowski remarked.

The top election authority in Wisconsin supports the system.

“Everyone in the Wisconsin election community was shocked by this. And I’m very disappointed with this person’s behaviour. This election official broke the law and damaged the confidence of voters and our fellow poll workers, “Meagan Wolfe informed reporters of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

“These pranks do not compromise the integrity of the election, they do not take advantage of weaknesses, and they are discovered. However, they do take up significant time for local election officials.” In Wisconsin, a tiny proportion of ballots are cast by military members. Military ballot requests totalled 2,700 in 2018 and approximately 2,747 this year, of which 1,400 have been returned.