Lance Kerwin Death Child Star Dead at 62

Lance Kerwin Death: Child Star Dead at 62

Lance Kerwin Death: Lance Kerwin passed away on January 24, his agent John Boitano told E! News. Lance Kerwin gained fame in the 1970s for roles in shows like Salem’s Lot and James at 15. He was 62. The reason for death has not been made public.

Lance was “a brilliant, witty, and sensitive person,” according to Boitano, who worked with him for two years. “He had recently been in The Wind and the Reckoning and was eager to resume his acting career. I enjoyed spending time with him and thought of him as a friend and client. He will be missed.”

In several television shows, including Little House on the Prairie, The Family Holvak, and Wonder Woman, Kerwin made his acting debut as a young child actor. He played James Hunter, the title character in James at 15 (later renamed James at 16 when the actor became 16), the son of a college professor with a love of photography. After moving from Oregon to Massachusetts with his family, James had difficulties adjusting to his new life in the television series.

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In 1978, Kerwin revealed to a North Carolina newspaper, The Robesonian, that he had been training for acting stardom since he was eight years old. His participation on the show solidified him as a talent to watch. He remembered writing a letter to his hero Clint Eastwood, reading plays after school, and performing them for his parents.

According to the publication, Kerwin, who is also a professional piccolo and flute player, had stated in the note, “if you ever need a kid like me, please give me a call.” Following his success on James at 15, Kerwin was cast as Mark Petrie in the 1979 miniseries Salem’s Lot based on the same-titled 1975 Stephen King book.

The College Crowd Digs Me quoted Kerwin as saying, “One of the reasons they liked me for the job was because when I walked in, I had ideas.” “Although I didn’t need to try out, I would still show up and meet with them. We would also discuss the movie and the character.”

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Kerwin, who starred in the 2022 film The Wind and the Reckoning, said that his time in the spotlight “was a great one.” “work ethics I picked up. Exposure to many cultures, “added he. “All had a truly beautiful childhoodhe career was fantastic. I’ve been doing it for maybe 20–25 years. I still carry it today because of the programs I was a part of and the people I worked with.”