Lawyer Kari Lake Can Overturn Election Without Voter Fraud

Lawyer: Kari Lake Can Overturn Election Without Voter Fraud

Lawyer: Kari Lake Can Overturn Election Without Voter Fraud: Whatever your feelings toward Paris Hilton, we were all deceived by her “stupid blonde” party girl persona at first. Paris’s wealth as of 2021 On “Dan Abrams Live,” Kolodin said: “There has never been any sort of time bar on resolutions of election challenges on appeal that requires them to get resolved before the swearing-in.” Donald Trump had previously referred to Kolodin as “a hell of an attorney [and] a patriot” on his official website.

Lake’s appeal, according to Kolodin, is made with the hope that “the appellate court would reverse the trial court’s decision.” The newly elected congressman noted that “going up on appeal” is “quite normal with situations like these,” adding that “if the trial court got it wrong, the court of appeal would say something.”

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Kolodin claims that “the trial court got it wrong in seeking proof of fraud or malicious intent. Arizona law does not call for such. “Were there errors? That is the only question that matters. Were they significant enough to have the potential to alter or at the very least raise questions about the results?'”

Every Maricopa County voter, according to Kolodin, is aware that there were pervasive problems on election day that essentially smacked everyone in the face. Hobbs defeated Lake for governor of the state by more than 17,000 votes, and Lake refused to accept defeat.

Instead, she filed a lawsuit challenging the election’s outcome, requesting that the court either declare her the victor or order a new election in Maricopa County because there were reportedly technological problems for voters there on election day.

Judge Peter Thompson of the Maricopa County Superior Court dismissed Lake’s case in late December after he disregarded her assertion that there were issues with the ballot printers at the voting locations on November 8.

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In a motion for sanctions against Lake in December, attorney Thomas Liddy argued on behalf of the defendants that the “truth be told, the entire purpose of this litigation was to plant baseless seeds of doubt in the electorate’s mind about the integrity and security of the 2022 General Election in Maricopa County.” And while doing so on television or social media is one thing, Liddy continued, “it is quite another to try to utilize the sanction of the courts to try to achieve that aim.”