Legendary Singer-songwriter David Crosby Has Died

Legendary Singer-Songwriter David Crosby Has Died

Legendary Singer-Songwriter David Crosby Has Died: On Thursday, and Melissa Etheridge expressed her sorrow over the passing of David Crosby. The 81-year-old provided the sperm that allowed Etheridge to become pregnant.

Etheridge stated, “I am mourning the loss of my friend and Bailey’s and Beckett’s biological father, David. “He gave me my family as a gift. He, [son] Django, and [wife] Jan have and will always have my gratitude. His music and legacy will inspire many future generations. A priceless treasure.”

Bailey, 25, and Beckett, who passed away from opioid addiction in 2020, were born to Etheridge and her then-partner Julie Cypher with the help of the Crosby, Stills & Nash singer. In an interview with CNN’s Larry King Live at the beginning of 2000, Etheridge confirmed that Crosby was the donor for her and Cypher’s children.

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Fans expressed their sympathies by flooding her social media platforms. Because of his significant conscious choice to father your son, you were the first person to come to mind when I learned of his demise, said one. “It’s tragic,” you say.

Etheridge also shares a son and a daughter with her ex-partner Tammy Lynn Michaels. An unidentified donor created the fraternal twins. Following Beckett’s passing in 2020, Crosby issued a brief comment responding to a tweet that implied he had no touch with Beckett.

Not true, he answered plainly. His wife informed Variety of Crosby’s passing in a statement. After a protracted illness, our dear David (Croz) Crosby has died away, she remarked with deep regret.

“His soul partner Jan, his wife, and their kid Django were ecstatically surrounding him. Even though he is no longer among us, his kindness and humanity will serve as a constant example for us. He will continue to leave a lasting legacy through his iconic songs.”

She declared, “To everyone who knew David and the people he touched, peace, love, and harmony. He will be sorely missed. We respectfully and humbly request privacy while we grieve and work to deal with our great loss. Thank you for your prayers and love.”

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The rocker, who left a lasting impression on music from the 1960s and beyond, spoke up to PEOPLE in 2019 about his ups and downs and revealed that music kept him going no matter what. Then, he responded, “It’s the only contribution I can offer. “Look, it’s becoming dark outside. There is no happiness in the world. An uplifting factor is a music. Things improve thanks to music.”