'mad Dogs' Surfer Márcio Freire, 47, Dies in Portugal Beach Accident

‘Mad Dogs’ Surfer Márcio Freire, 47, Dies in Portugal Beach Accident

‘mad Dogs’ Surfer Márcio Freire, 47, Dies in Portugal Beach Accident: Márcio Freire, a seasoned surfer, passed away on Thursday in Portugal due to a surfing accident. He was 47. In a statement, the Portuguese Surfing Federation acknowledged Freire’s passing. The federation noted, in English translation:

“The Brazilian surfer Márcio Freire tragically passed away in Nazaré, which is regrettable to the Portuguese Surfing Federation. We send our condolences to the departed family and the big wave surfing community.”

In a communiqué, local officials for the beach where Freire died provided more details. An announcement from the neighborhood maritime control, translated into English, said, “A skilled surfer of Brazilian nationality passed away today.”

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At a beach close to Nazaré, Freire “had an accident while surfing, which left him lifeless,” according to the Municipality of Nazaré. To get the surfer to the beach where lifeguards and firefighters could try to revive him, several surfers who were present “proceeded to rescue the surfer.”

The statement stated, “Despite all efforts, resuscitation operations proved to be fruitless, and death was declared by the doctor present at the site. The entire deceased family, as well as the entire surfing community, receives the sympathies of the Municipality of Nazaré, which also extends a public thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to prevent this outcome.

Freire’s body was delivered to the Legal Medicine Institute in Leiria, according to SurferToday. Since he was a small child, Freire has loved surfing, and he eventually rose to fame in the surfing world. He was one of three surfers that appeared in the 2016 film “Mad Dogs.”