Madison Square Garden Explores Potential Spin-Off

In an effort to raise money and open up new possibilities for its MSG Sphere project, which is scheduled to open in Las Vegas next year, MSG Entertainment is considering a spinoff for two of its most iconic properties, New York’s Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, as well as its regional sports channels. The concept was examined by the board of directors of MSG Entertainment, and it was announced in a statement on Thursday. The iconic New York arena, Radio City Music Hall,

the Beacon Theatre, and the Chicago Theatre, as well as the entertainment and sports booking businesses for those venues, would be spun out into a new live entertainment and media company under the proposal. The iconic New York arena hosts concerts, live events, and New York Knicks and Rangers games. The RSN division of MSG Networks, the arena rights agreements with the Knicks and Rangers, and the Radio City Rockettes and their Christmas Spectacular production would all be a part of the new entity.

The MSG Sphere venues, the business’s majority share in TAO Group Hospitality, a third of the new live entertainment company, and nearly all of the company’s present cash on hand would remain with MSG Entertainment. The legacy MSG operations, which continue to generate a significant amount of cash flow, would be transferred into one company, while the Sphere and Tao, which the firm considers to be its growth businesses, would be transferred into another.

Executive chairman and CEO James Dolan said in the statement that “this proposed deal would establish two firms, each with a separate value proposition for investors.” The Christmas Spectacular production, MSG Networks, and Madison Square Garden would all be part of the live entertainment and media corporation, which would also produce a sizable amount of free cash flow. MSG Sphere and Tao Group Hospitality would form the second firm, which would concentrate on innovative ideas and worldwide growth prospects.

The Knicks and Rangers are owned by MSG Sports, which is controlled by the Dolan family. Dolan has made the $1.8 billion MSG Sphere his top goal and intends to develop more venues in the future. When the project committed to opening in 2023 earlier this year, Carolyn Giardina of The Hollywood Reporter was present. The business also opened MSG Sphere Studios in Burbank with the intention of producing a wide range of materials to be shown there.

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