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Madonna Plastic Surgery Photos Of Her Transformation!

Madonna Plastic Surgery Photos Of Her Transformation!

Madonna Plastic Surgery Photos Of Her Transformation!

Like her song, she is “frozen.” Fans were recently stunned by Madonna’s “freaky” new appearance, which is thought to be the consequence of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments.nCritics have even expressed their disapproval of the 64-year-old “Like a Prayer” singer on social media, posting things like, “That isn’t Madonna is it? Why did she disappear? Sad that so many women succumb to the desire to stay young forever and overdo it with fillers and surgery.

Experts who advise customers on how to stay youthful are now offering their opinions on the type of treatment Madonna may have had and whether they believe she has overdone it this time. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, famous plastic surgeon Dr Ramtin Kassir says, “She does look like Halloween came a little early.” She now has a pretty pronounced “V” shape.

When I initially read the post, like many others, I too was startled by how Madonna appeared, says Dr Ehsan Ali, CEO of Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor and Urgent Care, before naming roughly nine treatments he thinks the Grammy winner has undergone. One of them, according to the board-certified physician, is that Madonna truly underwent surgery to acquire her new appearance.

Dr Ali asserts that “She for sure got a facelift.” “Her skin is visibly pulled back and tightened; there is no loose skin or wrinkles. Her eyes appear to be “drawn back,” as you can see in her picture because a facelift also changes the appearance of your eyes.

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He adds that he believes the “Like a Virgin” singer has had rhinoplasty and noted that “the nose seems too small with a pointed tip,” which Kassir, one of Hollywood’s go-to rhinoplasty experts, concurs with. According to Ali, the “Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor,” Madonna appeared to have received botox, a toxin used to treat wrinkles, in multiple different locations on her face. Ali’s clients include Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Gwen Stefani, and Ariana Grande.

According to him, she has multiple units of botox in her forehead, crow’s feet, and glabella (also known as the 11s, which are the vertical lines in between the eyes when frowning), as there is little to no movement and no expression lines. Dr Ali feels filler is the reason Madonna’s cheekbones look “far more prominent” and “totally different” from when she was younger.

Kassir continues, saying it is obvious Madonna had work done to her cheeks since they are “too high,” and seem swollen. Pamela Weinberger, a physician associate at Plump Cosmetics and Injectables in Miami, concurs that Madonna has had cheek injections and suggests that excessive filler use “over time” may be the cause of the celebrity’s “unnatural” appearance.

The “Material Girl” singer’s cheek filler, according to the aesthetic dermatology expert, has started “building up” and showing “excess of volume,” which is “taking away from her great bone structure.” She suggests injecting Hyaluronidase, an enzyme that degrades synthetic hyaluronic acid, in the troublesome location for anyone trying to resolve this issue.

A surgical brow lift may also be contributing to Madonna’s unnatural appearance, the medical associate claims, adding that she hopes it will “settle” with time. Kassir concurred that this procedure is obvious due to the “pushed-back” appearance of the “A League of Their Own” star’s hairline.

Incisions are made in the hairline to pull everything back and lift the brows and eyebrows, so your hairline moves back with it, according to the NJ and NY-based surgeon. “If you measure from the top of her eyebrows to the top of her hairline that distance is more than three finger breadths,” he or she says.

Additionally, according to Weinberger, the singer of “La Isla Bonita” had botox administered to her Masseter muscle, which is normally utilised to define the jawline. The skilled injector remarks, “I adored her jawline before, but now it’s too flat and long,” emphasising that this specific surgery is temporary and can fade out in three months.

But according to Dr Ali, Madonna’s altered jawline is the result of more drastic procedures. She has a clean jawline, which suggests she underwent liposuction under her chin and a neck lift to bring the skin back, according to him. “At her age, loose skin around the neck is usual.

Weinberger also notes that Madonna’s head appears to have filler injections at the temples, which she claims is typical “particularly devastating” for people who are ageing as the area can become extremely empty. However, she claims that Madonna looks “very overdone” and that “less is more” with this kind of filler.

The “Vogue” vocalist appeared to have received between six and eight cubic centimetres of filler in the temples, compared to Weinberger’s recommendation of two to three. Weinberger concludes that it may ultimately cost up to $30,000 or more for Madonna to change her current appearance and revert to a more like-minded version of herself.

She continues by saying that the person implementing the modifications can also have an impact. According to Weinberger, Madonna needs an injector who is open about maintenance dissolving procedures so that she doesn’t get overfilled and keeps her beloved facial structure.

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