Mass Shooting at LGBTQ Nightclub in Colorado Springs (2)

Mass Shooting at LGBTQ Nightclub in Colorado Springs

On Thursday, vandals vandalised a sign outside a nearby Christian charity, accusing it of being involved in the tragic shooting at an LGBTQ+ nightclub. You are responsible for their blood. The graffiti on the brick Focus on the Family sign outside of its campus off Briargate Parkway in north Colorado Springs reads, “Five lives taken.

The statement was spray-painted at some point during the early hours of Thursday morning; police informed 11 News partner The Gazette. The graffiti was covered with a tarp and cardboard after the incident to hide it, but as of Friday, the tarp had come off, making most of the writing visible.

The event occurred as Colorado Springs was still mourning the terrible death at Club Q about a week ago. According to law authorities, a shooter entered the establishment late on the night of Nov. 19 and began firing, killing five people and injuring 18 others before being overpowered by a few customers.

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Anderson Lee Aldritch, the suspect, still had many of the scratches and bruises that police claim he sustained when Richard Fierro and Thomas James stopped him that evening when he made his first court appearance via video on Wednesday.

Evangelical group Focus on the Family was established in California in 1977. Since 1991, it has had a headquarters in Colorado Springs. The group, which asserts on its website that marriage is between a man and a woman, spoke out against the inclusion of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in anti-discrimination laws in 2014, citing potential issues with religious freedom.

Focus for the Family President Jim Daly told CBS Denver, a sister station of 11 News, immediately after the massacre that he lamented the tragedy and that the group wanted to be clear that it opposes hatred. 11 News has contacted the business and is awaiting a callback.