Mass Shooting at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs

Mass Shooting at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs

The suspect in the shooting at Club Q on Saturday made their first public appearance via video in court on Wednesday. The people of Colorado Springs are still concentrating on the victims and heroes of this tragedy while the legal system is still in operation.

You may donate to aid the victims by clicking here, and you can read more about what one of the people the police are hailing as courageous had to say about what happened over the weekend.

The mass shooting happened at a nightclub northeast of Palmer Park, close to N. Academy Boulevard and N. Carefree Circle. More than a dozen individuals were hurt, and five people died. According to the police, two persons stopped the shooter.

When Anderson Lee Aldrich appeared in court on Wednesday, he was slumped over in a chair. An 11 News reporter in the courtroom claimed that the suspect gave the judge mumbled remarks and appeared unfocused.

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The defence lawyers requested the unsealing of the arrest affidavit at the appearance to support their argument. Even though this request was granted, it won’t be made public due to a protective order.

The defence team describes Aldrich as non-binary. The following court appearance is set for December 6, although that date may change after one of the defence lawyers said he would be unavailable.