Matthew Perry Apologizes To Keanu Reeves In Memoir

Matthew Perry Apologizes To Keanu Reeves In Memoir

Could he possibly be more sincere? The newest truth regarding “Chandler talk” is one of many that “Friends” actor Matthew Perry has shared in his new memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”

Although he came up with the idea himself, the 53-year-old actor stated he couldn’t abide the way his character highlighted certain words in the show’s first five seasons. According to him, he “had to ask the producers” to stop scripting his lines in that manner.

According to Variety, he wrote in the book, “That particular cadence — could it be more irritating? — had been so overused that I thought I’d explode if I had to emphasize the incorrect place one more time. So I returned to saying lines normally, for the most part in Season 6 and then beyond.”

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On November 1, the day his memoir is released, Matthew Perry stops by the SiriusXM studios. Getty Pictures Perry admitted that he initially created the voice for some off-screen friends. “I read the words unconventionally, emphasizing words no one else had. Together with the Murrays, my boyhood pals, I had returned to Ottawa. I laughed when no one else had,” he said in the book, according to Deadline.

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While the popular NBC television show “Friends” was filmed in 2003, Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston took a break. Before the book’s release on Tuesday, Perry spoke candidly with Diane Sawyer about his addiction and the support he received from his co-stars during trying moments.

Jennifer Aniston “stretched out the most,” he claimed. He also spoke about how Tricia Fisher, Carrie Fisher’s half-sister and Eddie Fisher’s daughter, assisted him in overcoming his sexual shame.