Maya Rudolph is 'Thrilled' to Be Taking Over

Maya Rudolph is ‘Thrilled’ to Be Taking Over

Maya Rudolph is ‘Thrilled’ to Be Taking Over: Red M&Ms are chosen by some, whereas others select green M&Ms. Which new flavor of M&M is our favorite? April Rudolph In the candy’s Super Bowl commercial, which will run on Sunday, February 12, the legendary comedian will appear.

Rudolph says, “I’m happy to be working with M&M’s.” I’ve loved candy all my life, so I consider it an honor to be asked to participate in this iconic brand’s campaign. The “Bridesmaids” alum could not provide many specifics about her fascinating new project, but she did mention that “plenty of fun” moments would be included in the advertisement.

She describes her collaboration with M&M’s as “a delightful pairing if I do say so myself.” Little Maya would probably be ecstatic to work with M&Ms, I believe. Rudolph would be replacing the company’s renowned “spokescandies,” according to a press statement that was also shared on M&M’s Instagram.

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A new design for the red, green, brown, orange, blue, and yellow M&M was presented by M&M last year. A “new, modern take” was intended to be applied to candy. One of the changes? To express the Green M&M’s carefree confidence, her go-go boots were replaced with “cool, laid-back sneakers.” Many memes and controversies were developed due to people’s reactions to the move. (The company additionally released a purple M&M in September.)

The press announcement nods in agreement with online chitchat. “We’ve changed a few things with our favorite spokescandies in the past year. We were uncertain whether anyone would take notice. Furthermore, we did not anticipate that it would disrupt the internet. Now that we realize it, even a candy’s shoes may cause controversy. Since our company’s mission is to bring people together, this was the last thing M&M’S wanted.

As a result, M&M’s “decided to take an indefinite break from the spokescandies.” M&M’s chose “the beloved Maya Rudolph” as their replacement after searching for a “spokesperson America can agree on.” The “Chief of Fun” title at M&M’s has been bestowed upon Rudolph. She will support M&M’s and Mars, the company that makes the candy, in their mission to “create a world where everyone feels they belong,” an M&M’s spokesman said.

What do her mom’s children think of her new position as the M&M replacement? According to Rudolph, Pearl, 17, Lucille, 13, Jack, 11, and Minnie, 9, were “very delighted” for her. One of the Super Bowl’s most talked-about commercials will include Rudolph and M&Ms (aside from the game).

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M&M’s “Come Together” ad was voted No. 4 on USA Today’s Ad Meter in 2021, while Snickers, another Mars product, had its “You’re Not You” 2010 ad, which featured Betty White, ranked as the No. 1 Super Bowl ad of the previous 25 years in 2020.

The M&M brand being back in the mix in a fresh way for 2023 is inspiring, according to Gabrielle Wesley, Chief Marketing Officer, Mars Wrigley North America. “Mars has delivered some of the most buzz-worthy Super Bowl moments throughout the years,” she added.