Mayim Bialik And Ken Jennings Split 'Jeopardy!' Hosting Duties

Mayim Bialik And Ken Jennings Split ‘Jeopardy!’ Hosting Duties

Finally, the question of who will host Jeopardy! going forward is resolved. According to Variety, Sony Pictures Entertainment has signed long-term contracts with both of the show’s existing leads, so Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik will continue to alternate hosting duties. Bialik and Jennings were named as the game show’s hosts for the entire calendar year in September 2021. The announcement came shortly after Mike Richards, the former executive producer of the programme who was initially selected to succeed Alex Trebek after the legendary broadcaster’s passing in 2020, resigned as host after apologizing for his previous sexist remarks about women.

Bialik told ET in March how proud she is to be the host of the show she has “lived season to season, since I was approximately 13 years old.” She said, “I think being a female has its own stamp. Being in two generations — being a woman and a host in that iconic role blows my mind, as my grandparents were immigrants to this nation.

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Bialik added that Trebek, who presided over the programme for 37 seasons from 1984 until his passing in 2020, cannot be replaced. She said of Trebek’s family, “I got to meet them when we dedicated the stage and just feel so humbled around them. “I only want to honour. There is no point in attempting to equal him; instead, keep up the good work with their backing and feel confident that what you are doing is preserving his legacy.

Although Bialik enjoys her current hosting position, she admitted to ET in May that it has its share of difficulties. She said, “I know there are moments when I’ll say things and I’ll be like, ‘How did that come out of my mouth and why?’ but that’s kind of me in life in general.In contrast, Jennings told ET in January 2021 that he hoped to continue hosting the programme for as long as they would let him.

“Alex was against Jeopardy! Last but not least, Jeopardy! has tens of millions of fans. I had to call someone, I received the letter in the mail, and I will forfeit the Jeopardy privilege. A former Jeopardy! contestant, Jennings remarked, “I’ll [host] for as long as they need me. “I actually spoke to Trebek just before he passed away, and he was absolutely sure that I could pull it off. I was like, “Alex, that is very kind but you know you are the best at that job,” but I admired his trust. He just kind of took it for granted.