McKeesport Shooting kills 16-year-old, Injures another Teen

McKeesport Shooting kills 16-year-old, Injures another Teen

McKeesport Shooting kills 16-year-old, Injures another Teen: Following a shooting Tuesday afternoon in McKeesport, a 16-year-old kid is dead and another adolescent is in the hospital, according to Allegheny County police. Around 3:35 p.m., police were called about reports of a shooting in the 3400 block of Versailles Avenue. At least 12 evidence markers were found by Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 at a Uni-Mart convenience store situated on this street.

Two young men were taken to nearby hospitals, where one passed away. The situation of the other minor is critical. Chance Naylor, 16, of McKeesport, was recognized by the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office as the deceased adolescent on Wednesday morning.

Nobody has been detained or named as a suspect. Call the County Police Tip Line at 1-833-ALL-TIPS if you have any information about this event. A caller’s identity is protected. This incident occurs less than a day after a meeting organized by the NAACP to discuss gun violence in McKeesport.

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The Healthy Learning Village Institute’s president and CEO, Keith Murphy, said, “We have to strive to shift the narrative. “We need to try to add a more uplifting element to this challenge.” Murphy was one of several panelists at the public event, which strongly emphasized youthful violence.

Fighting shouldn’t result in being fatally shot, according to Murphy. McKeesport High School and East End Academy will have an asynchronous virtual day on Wednesday in response to the shooting, the McKeesport Area School District stated in a message on Facebook on Tuesday.

The message stated that the McKeesport Area School District places a high premium on student safety and that it was heartbreaking to learn of the incident this afternoon. The families of the victims are in the district’s thoughts and prayers at this trying time. The article continued by informing families that counseling would be offered at McKeesport High School for the remainder of the week for both staff and students.