Meta Platforms Sued Over Facebook Name

A curious development in the situation is that the Chicago-based IT company Meta Company is suing Facebook, claiming that the social network stole its name and “livelihood” after it changed its name to Meta. Nate Skulic, the founder of Meta Company, claimed in a statement that Facebook attempted to “bury” the company through coercion of the media after it failed to purchase them. On October 28, “Facebook chose to violate a trademark and brand themselves Meta,” Skulic wrote in a letter that was made public.

“They tried to bury us via media pressure after realising they couldn’t purchase us. These acts from a firm that consistently states one thing while acting differently shouldn’t surprise us “Skulic threw in. The decision has been made by Meta Company to take the appropriate legal action against Facebook. This communication could be interpreted as a public cease-and-desist, according to Skulic. “Facebook and its operating officers lie and behave dishonestly, not only not only to humanity as a whole, but to ourselves.”

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed last month that his firm will be called Meta in response to the tremendous criticism it has received regarding the privacy of its users’ data. As could be expected, Zuckerberg played down the fact that this rebranding, the first in Facebook’s 17 years of existence, is an attempt to deflect a flood of negative press. According to him, the word “Facebook” still has a strong association with just one product and does not accurately describe what the firm does now.

However, I hope that we become known as a metaverse company over time. Facebook’s lawyers, according to Skulic, have been pressuring “us to sell our name to them” for the past three months. “We declined their offer for a number of reasons. In particular, because the low price wouldn’t cover the costs of altering our name and because we insisted on knowing the client’s identity and their purpose, which they refused to reveal, “he observed

He claimed that there were at least two legal firms involved: one in the US that wanted its trademark and domains and another in Europe that contacted us aggressively in an effort to persuade “us to sell its domain registrations.” In 2016, a live trademark application for Meta Company was made, with Chicago, Illinois listed as the registrant owner. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is recognised as the proprietor of a 2015 trademark for Meta, though.

“Being linked with a business that is so mired in scandal and devoted to dominance is regrettable. With our platform, we want to stand apart from Facebook’s dictatorial vision of the future. We sincerely hope that the bad reputation Facebook and its creator have received will fade, but we won’t overlook the harm that has been done “Skulic added details. He had not yet responded to Meta’s accusations. (Only the report’s headline and image may have been changed by the Business Standard team; all other material was likely created automatically from a syndicated feed.)

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