Metric Mate Net Worth What Happened After Shark Tank

Metric Mate Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank?

Metric Mate Net Worth: A virtualized personal fitness assistant is Metric Maat. Through voice help, the device encourages the user to meet their daily exercise target. It maintains contact with the user like a personal trainer and transforms standard gym equipment into smart equipment.

It was founded in 2017 by M-T Strickland, Braxton K. Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr. These three pals attended Morehouse College, where they earned their engineering degrees. It is a brand-new, cutting-edge well-being and fitness services firm that aids consumers in reaching their physical training objectives through data analysis.

Three buddies, Strcklandm, Davis, and Ecleamus, made an appearance in Shark Tank Season 14 Episode 11 and requested $100,000 for 5% equity at a $2 Million valuation from the sharks.

Metric Mate: What Is It?

Metric Mate employs “TAP Technology” to turn training equipment into intelligent equipment. Metric Mate is an Intelligent Training Accountability Partner. The “T.A.P sensor” fastens to the apparatus, monitors performance in real time, and collects pre-workout data. Through Bluetooth, the sensor sends this information to the Metric Mat app.

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Metric Mat App gathers and retains data, then analyses it to provide users with virtual assistance in achieving their goals. The user of the application receives specifics of their strength training workout and can post them on social media. The $199 “T.A.P. Sensor” is up for “pre-order” on the business website. The Metric Mat app may be found on the App Store.

Who Is Metric Mate’s Founder?

Three pals, M-T Strckland, Braxton K. Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr., are the creators of the Metric Maat Company. The Wellness and Fitness Services Company was founded in 2017 by these three friends.

Strckland, M-T

The co-founder and CEO of the business are Strckland. After earning an electrical engineering degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology, he worked for a Top Product Supply Chains Company. He founded Strictly Unlimited Company in 2015. He works on The Fourth Floor as a UBS Fellow.

Davis, Braxton K.

This company’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, Braxton, works there part-time. He works as Facebook’s Associate General Counsel full-time. He has a law degree from Georgia State University. The Patent Institute of Training was founded by him. He has served as NCPP’s executive director for five years.

Mr. Ecleamus Ricks

The organization’s Chief Technology Officer is Ecleamus. He attended The University of Texas at Austin to study software engineering. worked for National Instruments for seven years in a variety of roles.

Before Shark Tank, Metric Mate

The company Metric Mate Products was founded in 2017 by three friends with varied backgrounds. According to the founder, the goal of starting this business was to help people live healthier lives. This business was listed as one of Georgia’s Top 40 Innovate Companies for 2021. Their “TAP Technology” is verified by Arrow.

In 2022, 9 Atlanta companies will receive $5,000 Export Challenge Grants. Metro Atlanta Export Challenge Metric Mate is one of them. On July 18, 2022, Techstars made a seed round investment of $0.12M in this fitness startup.

How Would You Rate Metric Mate’s Shark Tank Pitch?

Strckland, Davis, and Ricks approach the Sharks for $100k in exchange for 5% stock as they enter the Shark Tank. They made product pitches for sharks. This clever apparatus was employed by Mark Cuban, and it’s a very fantastic product. They all have eight degrees.

Due to their limited resources, they are currently concentrating on hiring personal trainers. The cost of producing 1,000 copies of the product is $99, while its selling price is $199. Five official certificates are needed to offer this product directly to consumers.

It’s a terrific idea for a consumer product, but Mark Cuban admitted he can’t make money off of it. After claiming that the product needed to be streamlined, Lori Greiner was fired. It’s early, according to Barbara Corcoran, so she’s gone. Tony Xu stated he was leaving because it was early for him.

On Shark Tank Season 7, Kevin O’Leary claims to have invested in “PRX Performance.” By utilizing PRx, he plans to produce Metric and is offering $100k for a 25% stake. They stated that they prefer a 25% equity stake.

They answered with a line of credit for $100k plus $150k for 12.5% equity. Kevin stated that he is unable to complete this transaction. They countered with $200k for 20% stock plus the PRx Performance benefit. Kevin stated $100,000 for 25% ownership.

Shark Tank Update for Metric Mate

This company’s three founders made a strong pitch to the shark. Numerous topics were discussed, including the pricing of this device and the sales report that Shark mentioned.

The merchandise must have been ordered by many people after this episode, which aired on January 13, 2022. We will continue to monitor M-T Strckland, Braxton K. Davis, and Ecleamus Ricks, Jr. and their business for updates.

What Is the Net Worth of Metric Mate?

The Metric Mate is currently valued at $1.2 million, according to a 2022 financing round this firm participated. There are many people that require this kind of product, and it is a new technology in the wellness and fitness sector.

There are numerous apps available today that act as the user’s personal trainer during workouts. However, the majority of programs just give approximative reports of workouts. Think of a smartwatch. In activity mode, the watch features a sensor that tries to calculate your footfalls.

Does Metric Mate Still Operate?

Techstars and Cox Enterprises are partners with this startup that develops fitness technology. Such a corporation will need effective marketing and funding to expand.

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This fitness technology firm with headquarters in Atlanta has been highlighted in a number of media outlets, including Business Wire, Benzinga, News Center, and many others. Three to ten individuals are employed at this company’s headquarters, which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. As of January 2023, Metric Mate is still in operation.