Mexican Prosecutors Want an American Extradited in a North Carolina Woman's Resort Beating Death.

Mexican Prosecutors Want an American Extradited in a North Carolina Woman’s Resort Beating Death

A U.S. woman is accused of killing another American who was shown being assaulted in a viral video, Mexican prosecutors said on Thursday. Prosecutors did not identify the suspect in Shanquella Robinson’s killing on October 29 in Baja California Sur.

However, they said they have spoken to Mexican federal prosecutors and ambassadors to extradite the woman to face charges in Mexico. People in both countries were stunned by Robinson’s death at a resort project in the Baja vacation city of San Jose del Cabo. The footage sparked concerns that the others might have killed Robinson she travelled with.

The situation is being investigated as a potential homicide, according to the local prosecutor Antonio López Rodrguez, and an arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect. Robinson was discovered dead in a rented property, but the company she travelled with fled Mexico as soon as that happened.

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Although he did not name her, state prosecutor Daniel de la Rosa Anaya claimed the suspect was also American. The persons Robinson was travelling with gave varying accounts of how she died. Still, an autopsy found she died of a significant spinal cord or neck injury, according to local media in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A woman, who appears to be American, is shown beating Robinson in a video purportedly recorded at the opulent property in San Jose del Cabo. On social media platforms, the video has been reshared numerous times.

“Can you at least fight back,” a man with an American accent is heard saying in the clip. The man didn’t seem to step in to stop the pounding. The video sparked debate over why the alleged abuse went unpunished and why the individuals she travelled with would have beaten her.