Microsoft Improves Xbox Series X Boot Time

Microsoft Improves Xbox Series X Boot Time

The Verge claims that Xbox testers have lately seen a modest reduction in bootup time, with the company last week confirming the adjustments. Microsoft was able to accelerate the boot process by about 5 seconds by making the bootup animation shorter. The Xbox One and Xbox S | X consoles both benefited from the upgrade.

Xbox users can only benefit from faster bootup times if they set their console to Energy Saver mode rather than Standby mode, which means that the console will be completely switched off rather than starting the game right away after turning it on. The Energy Saver mode significantly increases electricity savings, benefiting both the environment and electricity costs. By making it the default choice for more recent Xbox systems, Microsoft is trying to make this the preferred choice for users.

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 Microsoft was able to eliminate around 5 seconds from the boot-up animation and speed up the boot process.
Only Xbox owners who have their consoles set to Energy Saver mode rather than Standby mode will see faster startup times. Microsoft has covertly sped its Xbox console boot times. The cold boot startup time for Xbox Series X/S consoles has been reduced by about five seconds in the most recent Xbox Insider test releases of the Xbox dashboard. Microsoft was able to speed up the boost procedure by producing a shorter boot-up animation.

Xbox testers noticed a faster boot-up performance, and Microsoft last week verified the changes. According to a social media post by Xbox’s director of integrated marketing, Josh Munsee, the company “developed a shorter boot-up animation (4s) from the original boot-up animation (9s), helping to lower the overall startup time.” The modifications apply to all Xbox Series X/S consoles. The Xbox One generation consoles now boot up much more quickly thanks to these improvements, according to Jake Rosenberg, senior product manager lead at Xbox.

When Xbox owners have their consoles switched to Energy Saver mode rather than Standby mode, they will benefit from quick starting speeds. Instead of entering standby mode when the console is in the Energy Saver mode, it completely shuts down. This means that while Energy Saver is healthier for the environment and your electricity costs, you can’t just flip on the console and start playing right away.

Now, it will take the Xbox Series X/S roughly 15 seconds to boot (including the time it takes after pressing the power button and the animation popping up on the screen). Initially, it took 20 seconds, but Microsoft’s changes made it only take a few. The Energy Saver mode is anticipated to gain in popularity, particularly after Microsoft made it the default setting for new Xbox consoles early in the year and added support for background update downloads.