Microsoft Launches AI Graphic Design App

Microsoft Launches AI Graphic Design App

For customers of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing, Microsoft on Wednesday released new creativity and productivity capabilities. Microsoft Designer is the most important. The Microsoft 365 visual design tool lets users make custom invites, digital postcards, and more using the same artificial intelligence technology as DALL-E 2.

Microsoft stated in a release, “With Designer, you can just describe an image you wish to see, and the app does the work for you to create something truly unique. Microsoft Edge will now include Designer, allowing you to update the aesthetics for your social network postings without opening another programme.

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Additionally, you can make images using Bing’s Image Creator. You may access the tool online or by clicking the Image Creator link in the Edge sidebar. It leverages the same AI technology in Designer to assist you in creating new images.

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Microsoft is now integrating Microsoft Clipchamp, a video editing programme, within the Office 365 package. Microsoft stated that Clipchamp “helps you weave together video, sound, and effects fast and easily.” With a Microsoft 365 membership and Windows 11, the app is accessible. Clipchamp is also available for free online testing.

Microsoft also made its publicly accessible Microsoft Create website available. Users can produce videos, images, and other things. You’ll get access to templates and other tools to aid in the creation of new things.

Microsoft has finally added a brand-new, programmable shopping capability to the Edge sidebar. To help you save time and possibly money, this tool uses AI to evaluate data from the web, including prices, discounts, and more. Without using an additional browser add-on, you will also be able to view your purchase history, follow the progress of your orders, and view items like coupons.

All of these new features were introduced a few weeks following the Windows 11 2022 upgrade. The upgrade improved the operating system’s usability, gave users access to more productivity tools, and provided other helpful features for PC users.

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