Mike Pence Uses a Times Stage to Appeal to the GOP Base

Mike Pence Uses a Times Stage to Appeal to the GOP Base

On Wednesday, former vice president Mike Pence leaned into Republican talking lines praising Disney and Elon Musk while treading a similar delicate line on his former boss. He appeared to be speaking to conservatives who will determine whether he is a strong candidate for president in 2024. The founder of DealBook, Andrew Ross Sorkin, frequently prodded Mr.

Pence during his appearance at The Times’ DealBook Summit in New York to discuss the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol and the personality of former President Donald J. Trump. He hesitated. He reiterated that he does not believe that Donald Trump is an antisemite, but he also criticized Mr. Trump for entertaining Nick Fuentes, a vocal antisemite, and racist, at a recent dinner.

The Holocaust denier who is a white supremacist was given a seat at the table by President Trump, Mr. Pence claimed. He justified the part he had played on January 6 when Mr. Trump’s supporters demanded his execution for refusing to revoke Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s election as president.

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Furthermore, he asserted that he had never witnessed “proof of widespread fraud that would influence the outcome” of the 2020 presidential election. When asked if Mr. Trump should be indicted by the Justice Department, he expressed disapproval of the idea.

I’m not sure if following terrible legal counsel is against the law, he said. There are far too many instances in developing nations where the new administration brings charges against the outgoing one. I don’t want the United States to be associated with that image.

In addition, he reiterated remarks he had made earlier about Elon Musk during an appearance on Fox News, saying he had confidence in Mr. Musk’s updates to Twitter’s content policies, which had prompted the business to expel Mr. Trump under its previous ownership following the attack on January 6. 4 Gifts of Homemade Food They’ll Love (and So Will Your Wallet) Yes, the “Cocaine Bear” existed. The History is as follows.

During his speech, Mr. Pence, who is considering a bid for president, also made fun of Disney. He attempted to link the company’s stock losses and a recent executive reorganization to its criticism of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law. The law bans the discussion of gender identity and sexual orientation in various elementary school classes.

About Mr. Iger’s return as Disney’s CEO, he added, “I think Bob Iger’s recent words, coming to lead Disney again, illustrate that the cure to woke America is America.” Additionally, he made no less than seven mentions of his most recent book, “So Help Me God,” making it a punchline.

If I haven’t mentioned it, I have a book, as you can tell,” Mr. Pence said in jest. That, Mr. Sorkin added, “we got.” “We are fine,” As he frequently has in the past, Mr. Pence emphasized how proud he was of the job being done by the Trump administration. It certainly didn’t end well, he said, though.