Millie Bobby Brown Opens Up About Ex Hunter Ecimovic

Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown revealed her “unhealthy scenario” with rumoured ex-boyfriend Hunter Ecimovic in 2020 and said it took “all her strength” to leave the circumstance in a recent interview with Allure. Hunter Ecimovic, a TikTok user, claimed to have dated Millie Bobby Brown in 2020 when he was 20 years old and she was 16 years old. Last year, he revealed information about his purported connection with the actress.

He further asserted that they engaged in sexual activity together. Following the allegations, Ecimovic received harsh criticism from his followers, who accused him of grooming. Aside from that, Millie Bobby Brown’s management warned the TikToker with legal action, saying the user was being dishonest and disrespectful toward the celebrity.

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The actress said in the interview that after leaving the situation with Hunter Ecimovic in January 2021, she was able to use the trauma she had experienced to provide a strong performance in season 4 of Stranger Things. With her portrayal of Eleven’s fury against Matthew Modine’s Papa and Vecna in the most recent season of the show, Millie Bobby Brown produced some powerful scenes.

Eleven had been tricked by both personalities in order to further their goals. Eleven moved away from a dying Papa, which gave the connection between Papa and Eleven a melancholy ending. It “felt really vulnerable” at the time, the actress recalled, and nobody on the set understood what she was going through. She added:

“So it was kind of nice to be able to just deal with that me and no one else knew. Then it was harder when the whole world knew.”

The actress claimed that when Ecimovic made the allegations in July of last year, she felt “out of control and powerless.” As she said,

“It was a year of healing! Walking away and knowing that I’m worth everything and this person didn’t take anything from me, it felt very empowering. It felt like my life had finally turned a page and that I actually had ended a chapter that felt so f*cking long.”

Adding that she had “made poor mistakes” in her life, Brown said she wants to “assist young ladies and young people” and let them know that she is not alone. The actress proclaimed:

“All I wanted to do within my career is help young girls and young people out there know that I, too, go through things. I’m not this perfect person that is selling skin-care products and [who is] in Stranger Things. I absolutely have made wrong decisions.”

Also speaking about online bullying and hatred was Millie Bobbie Brown.

Since the premiere of Stranger Things’ first season in 2016, Millie Bobby Brown’s fame has soared. Her strong acting abilities made her a famous right away, but with fame came bullying.

“It’s really hard to be hated on when you don’t know who you are yet, So it’s like, ‘What do they hate about me? ’Cause I don’t know who I am.’ It’s almost like, ‘Okay, I’m going to try being this today.’ [And then they say], ‘Oh, no, I hate that.’ ‘Okay. Forget that. I’m going to try being this today.’ ‘Oh, my God! I hate when you do that.’ Then you just start shutting down because you’re like, ‘Who am I meant to be? Who do they need me to be for them?’”

The actress experienced early harassment, bullying, and unwanted sexualization. She admitted that she didn’t get the motivation behind the haters she encountered in the early stages of her fame. Brown said that when she was attempting to make sense of life and better understand herself, the remarks had a significant negative impact on her.

“My family and friends really helped. It helped to be able to understand that I don’t need to be anything they said that I need to be. I just have to develop within myself. That’s what I did.”

In an effort to get away from the harassment, Millie Bobby Brown deleted all of her social media accounts. She hasn’t returned to any of them since. She only has accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and they are managed by someone else. The actress always communicates with her followers directly through Florence by Mills, her website.

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