Mom Charged With Murdering Missing Savannah Toddler

Mom Charged With Murdering Missing Savannah Toddler

After the body of missing Savannah, Georgia toddler Quinton Simon’s mother was discovered at a dump, authorities charged her with murder, they said on Monday.

On October 5, Leilani Simon, age 22, reported her 20-month-old son missing. A week later, Chatham County police announced that they thought Quinton had passed away, and they identified the boy’s mother as the main suspect.


According to Chatham County police, Simon has been charged with malicious murder, covering up another person’s death, false reporting, and making false claims.

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The police said they do not expect any additional arrests of Simon. On October 18, the police stated that they thought Quinton had been abandoned in a dumpster, and the local landfill was being searched for his remains. Police claimed searchers combed through 1.2 million pounds of rubbish over 30 days.

According to the police, searchers discovered some remains at the landfill on Friday, and testing is being done to see if they are Quinton’s. The odds of finding Quinton were slim. According to authorities, searchers knew the complicated and dangerous working circumstances.

According to past statistics, just 5% of landfill searches are successful. The investigation was aided by numerous law enforcement and government agencies, according to Chatham County Police Chief Jeff Hadley.