_Monterey Park Shooting Suspect Alleged Family Poisoning

Monterey Park Shooting Suspect Alleged Family Poisoning

Monterey Park Shooting Suspect Alleged Family Poisoning: According to investigators, the suspect in the Monterey Park dance hall shooting spree went to a police station weeks earlier to complain, among other things, that his family had attempted to poison him.

Huu Can Tran, 72, entered a Hemet police station on January 7 and 9, the Hemet Police Department reported, “alleging past fraud, embezzlement, and poisoning claims involving his family in the Los Angeles area 10 to 20 years ago.”

Tran, who lived in Hemet, promised to return to the station with proof of his accusations, but the department maintains he never did. The department withheld additional information regarding the shooter’s visit to the station.

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Sheriff of Los Angeles County Robert Luna stated that his office was investigating whether Tran’s claims to the Hemet police were a factor in the “madness that occurred” Saturday. Several dozen miles southeast of Monterey Park is where you’ll find Hemet.

He was characterized to NBC4 by one of Tran’s neighbors as a friendly man who frequently waved and smiled at her. The opinion that Tran, who went by “Andy” and stayed to himself, was lovely was shared by Ronald Smith. Smith noted that Tran regularly cleaned his van and occasionally rode his motorcycle. Tran appeared to take great interest in his van.

Pat Roth, a different neighbor, claimed Tran seemed innocent. “You know, he didn’t appear like he would hurt a fly. He was not a large man. When you walked by, he would pet your dog. Last night when friends visited, they exclaimed, “I can’t believe that was him.” “said Roth.

However, Smith admitted that he did find Tran’s lack of furniture in his house peculiar. Smith observed that he had never seen Tran’s family or friends. Police are still investigating why Tran shot and killed at least 11 people while celebrating the Lunar New Year on Saturday night. At a hospital on Monday, the 11th victim passed away. Nine more people were hurt in the incident, and some are still in critical condition.

Monterey Park Mayor Henry Lo suggested that a personal connection to the dance hall may have influenced the motivation when speaking with NBC News. Lo stated there seemed to be “a history of domestic violence,” but she did not elaborate.

Lo said, “We do understand that he may have a history of going to this dance hall and that perhaps the motivation has to do with some personal relationships, but that’s something that I think investigators are still uncovering and investigating, and we’ll probably learn more in the hours or even days ahead.”

According to court documents, Tran filed for divorce in Los Angeles County in 2005. NBC News has contacted the individual who is thought to be his ex-wife for comment. Police reported that Tran was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a van in Torrance many hours after the shooting.

According to the website for The Star Ballroom Dance Studio, “Star Night” would take place on Saturday from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. At first, whether the shooter knew anyone who attended the dance hall event was unclear.

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My Nhan, 65, and Lilan Li, 63, were two victims whose identities were made public by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Nhan’s first name was first spelled My by the coroner’s office, but her family eventually gave the correct spelling.