Mother of Bronx Sons Found Slashed in Bathtub Charged With Murder

Mother of Bronx Sons Found Slashed in Bathtub Charged With Murder

According to numerous sources, a lady in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City has been charged with the murders of her two young kids, who were discovered dead in a bathtub. After her two young boys were discovered dead inside her unit at the homeless facility Echo Place Family Shelter on Sunday, Dimone Fleming, 22, was charged with multiple counts of murder.

The children, Daishawn Fleming, 3, and Octavius Canada, 11 months, were discovered with “many stab wounds” to their torsos and necks the previous night, said Deputy Chief Louis Deceglie, who discussed the situation during a news conference.

Police arrived at the area in response to a complaint about a young woman acting erratically and saw a “female, naked inside the flat on the third floor, going insane” before discovering the injured youngsters, according to Deceglie.

According to authorities, Fleming was allegedly burning items in the apartment’s kitchen, according to The New York Times. Want to stay up to date on crime news? For information on interesting unsolved cases, ongoing trial coverage, and breaking crime news, subscribe to the free True Crime newsletter.

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Fleming was apprehended without a hitch and sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. At that moment, police were unable to locate the kids. A few minutes later, authorities received a different report regarding “Two babies who are not breathing and are unconscious are together.

Responders arrived to find a 3-year-old male with multiple stab wounds all over his body and an 11-month-old baby boy “officials at the news conference stated. Why the kids weren’t found on the first police visit to the house is unknown.

According to The Times, which cited a senior law enforcement officer, the kids were discovered in the bathtub. According to the Times, Columbus Canada, 31, the father of one of the children, was the one who discovered the injured youngsters first. (Canada is not detained or charged with any offense.)

“A witness told CBS News, “I was gazing from my window, the babies on their stretchers, when I heard the father shouting, ‘Help me.'” I couldn’t believe the EMTs were performing CPR.” Although police and a family member attempted CPR on the kids, both were subsequently declared dead at a hospital.

According to Fleming’s father, Dwane Fleming, the young mother recently went through a difficult time in her connection with Canada. He added that his daughter’s postpartum depression was suspected by the family.

Following the event, a neighbor informed CBS News that they had seen a tense Fleming outside the shelter, questioning what she had done. “What I did, what I did, what I did? I watched her acting irrationally. I then questioned her, “What happened, you all right?” But she kept quiet “As per CBS, Francis Pimentel recalled.

It was unclear right away if Fleming had entered a plea or hired a lawyer to speak on her behalf. The exact cause of death for the kids has not yet been disclosed by the medical examiner’s office.