Mother, Two Kids Hit By Car In Peabody, Massachusetts, Police Say

Mother, Two Kids Hit By Car In Peabody, Massachusetts, Police Say

A lady and her two children were involved in a crash that resulted in the closure of a busy road on the Massachusetts North Shore on Friday afternoon. According to Peabody police, a car struck two children and their mother as they crossed the street.

The SUV was surrounded by crime tape as seen on video from Sky 5 in Peabody, close to the intersection of Lynn and County streets. The aerial footage showed an SUV knocking down a street sign close to the road’s sidewalk.

The driver of the SUV approached the junction and attempted to pass a bus on the right, according to a witness who works in a neighboring barbershop, spoke to WCVB. “She ended up clipping the two little kids, hitting them,” the witness claimed.

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“A woman and her children were walking across the street to pick up some dry washing as she was coming around the bus. According to the eyewitness, the mother, an emergency department nurse, and the kids were brought to a nearby hospital. According to the police, the kids were seriously hurt.

The mother claimed that while her 8-year-old was still being examined by physicians, her 5-year-old picked up bumps and bruises. According to the police, Ovidia Lopez-Esteban, of Lynn, the driver, was arrested right away for driving while his license was suspended. Several hours later, traffic was allowed to resume on the street.