Musk Says Twitter Will Launch a Gold Check for Companies Next Week

Musk Said Twitter Will Launch a ‘gold Check’ for Companies Next Week

According to a tweet from Elon Musk on Friday, Twitter will introduce its delayed “Verified” service the following week with various coloured checks based on the type of account.

The Twitter CEO announced that there would be a “gold check” for businesses, a “grey check” for official government accounts, and the current blue check for people, whether or not they are famous.

Before the check is activated, all verified users will be “manually authenticated,” according to Musk. The business mogul described the decision as “painful but necessary.”


Musk’s remarks follow his being forced to halt the $8 per month Twitter Blue programme, which allowed anyone to subscribe for the blue verification tick after users exploited the system by using fake accounts to impersonate brands and well-known individuals.

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The introduction of Twitter’s $8 monthly Blue Verified service had been postponed, the CEO announced on Monday. Twitter will “probably utilise [a] different colour check for organisations than people,” according to Musk at the time.

He has now provided specifics on how that would seem. Earlier, Musk had stated that he intended to relaunch Twitter Blue on November 29. Musk’s most recent schedule places the restart on December 2.

Musk’s contentious restructuring of Twitter includes the creation of a subscription service as a means of generating new money. Musk has sacked tens of thousands of Twitter employees and demanded that the surviving staff either agree to put in “long hours at high intensity” or quit.