Ne-Yo's Wife Crystal Smith Accuses Him Of Infidelity

Ne-Yo’s Wife Crystal Smith Accuses Him Of Infidelity

Ne-wife Yo’s has had enough of his infidelity. On Saturday night, Crystal Smith accused the R&B artist on Instagram of cheating on her with several different women over an eight-year period. “8 Years. 8 years of fabrications and trickery. I’ve been inadvertently sharing my life and my husband for 8 years with a whole bunch of women who sell their bodies to him bare, unprotected. To say I’m disgusted and heartbroken is an understatement. The model said in her public declaration that Ne-Yo asked her to stay in the marriage despite his adultery. She has given up on the relationship though since she is sick of trying to save face.


“It is simply ridiculous to want me to stay and tolerate it. The narcissist’s way of thinking. I won’t continue to mislead the public or act as though this is something it isn’t, she added. “I choose to be happy, healthy, and respectful of myself. Out of this, I had three lovely children, but nothing else but lost time and suffering. Despite the circumstances, she wished her husband luck and urged her followers to cease “sending me recordings or information of him straying.” ‘I’m not a victim,’ I’ve made the decision to hold my head up and stand tall. It’s up to you to love yourself if someone else can’t treat you right. I have no ill will toward him and only hope for the best for him.

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Four years after being married for the first time in 2016, Ne-Yo and Smith announced their divorce. They got remarried in a grandiose Las Vegas wedding in April. Shaffer, 6, Roman, 3, and Isabella, 1, are the couple’s three children. The 42-year-old musician hasn’t publicly addressed his wife’s allegations, but by liking her post, he seemed to do so. Ne-most Yo’s recent album Self Explanatory, which features the lead hit “Don’t Love Me,” was inspired by their contentious marriage. Because the song was composed as we were considering having a divorce, he admitted that it was a teary moment. I can now admit that the open letter was an attempt by me to avoid responsibility that I was unaware of at the time.

UPDATE: Ne-Yo has requested privacy in response to the charges of adultery as he works through the “challenges” with his family. “My family and I will fight through our issues behind closed doors for the sake of our children,” he stated. Personal issues shouldn’t be discussed in open forums, according to the saying. Simply respecting the privacy of my family and I at this time is all I want.