New Android Malware Found On Google Play Store

In New Delhi: Some risky data-stealing malware apps have been discovered by Google’s cyber security specialists on the Google Play Store. These programmes can steal data from other apps as well as read user messages invisibly. A total of eight apps were discovered to be affected by the Autolycos virus. Users who have downloaded any of these apps are urged to remove them from their phones immediately. According to reports, these apps are no longer viewable on the Google Play Store. According to recent reports, these apps have received over three million downloads. Two of the apps are still available on the Google Play Store, according to information from Bleeping Computers.

The most harmful software for Android phones is malware, which includes Trojans that steal data. The login information for websites you frequently connect into, such as social media and online banking accounts, might be stolen by data-stealing software.

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Here is a list of the malicious programmes along with some details:

1. One million downloads for the video editor Vlog Star

1. Million downloads for Creative 3D Launcher

3. 100,000 downloads for Wow Beauty Camera

4. 100,000 downloads for the Gif Emoji Keyboard

5. 5,000 downloads of Freeglow Camera 1.0.0

6. 1,000 downloads of Coco camera V1.1

7. Kelly Tech’s Funny Camera: More than 50,000 downloads

Rx heldiolola  “Razer Keyboard & Theme” has received over 50,000 downloads.

See if any of the aforementioned apps are on your phone. If so, remove it right away. If not, your data can also be stolen. Maxime Ingrao, an Evina security researcher, noted that after installation, these apps prompted users to provide access to messages, and once they did, they stole data. The premium version was occasionally even subscribed to without the owner’s knowledge. As mentioned earlier, the malware frequently charges users’ telecom monthly bills to enrol them to a premium service.

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