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Nintendo Switch 2: What We Know About the Next Console and What We Hear About It

Since 2017 when the original Switch was released, speculation has swirled about the impending arrival of a more powerful New Switch, Super Switch, or Switch 2. The concept is that this upgraded console will be capable of handling a 4K display, will have more processing power and storage space, and will have other advancements as well.

If we’re being totally honest, at this point in the Switch’s lifespan, it’s quite doubtful that a game like this will be released. It’s more likely that Nintendo will replace the Switch with a next-gen console in the next three years, and that console could contain some of these characteristics. However, that hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from hoping for a Switch 2, nor has it stopped speculations from spreading.

The Switch OLED, previously known as the Switch Pro before its formal announcement, is the best option for those who desire the most cutting-edge Switch technology. The enhanced screen helps images stand out and look much crisper than on prior Switch consoles, but maintaining the same resolution. Nonetheless, if you’re into rumours, we’ve compiled all you need to know about Switch 2 right here.

Since Nintendo has never officially verified the existence of this supposed system, speculation about its capabilities is at an all-time high. The most popular theories, however, are that the Switch 2 will feature a 4K-capable screen, gripped Joy-Con controllers, longer battery life, more storage, faster load times, and an enhanced user interface.

It’s difficult to guess Nintendo’s next move because they never do what we anticipate. It frequently does the contrary or has thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere.

Nintendo’s position in the gaming business is fascinating. It doesn’t try to match the cutting edge of technology like Sony and Microsoft, but rather offers a fun and affordable alternative for families. This is a big reason why it has been one of the best-selling consoles of all time and the best-selling console during the past few years.

Nintendo has a long-standing tradition of employing cheaper, more archaic technologies to provide one-of-a-kind video game play. This has occurred repeatedly over the years, such as when Nintendo determined the N64 would employ cartridges and Sony settled on CDs. Although it left an enduring and significant legacy, the N64 was a commercial failure because of this. The original Switch, which launched with just a max of 1080p resolution in TV mode despite 4K being widespread, is a more recent example of utilising older technology. Furthermore, it utilised the then-antiquated Nvidia X1 Tegra Chip.

We can therefore presume that any future Switch 2 would be technologically behind the curve unless Nintendo suddenly decided to reverse its typical route and go after the latest technology. However, the hybrid console proved that this doesn’t preclude other forms of innovation.

The Tegra Chip utilised in the Switch, Switch Lite, and Switch OLED appears to have been discontinued by Nvidia (thanks PCMag). However, NintendoLife stated that in 2019, Nintendo’s spending on raw materials was increased by 100%. This could indicate that it has hoarded some of the remaining Tegra Chips. If this doesn’t happen, the Japanese video game maker may be compelled to make some improvements, even if they’re minor.

The reports of a new Switch with improved processing power, 4K support, and other features have never been confirmed by Nintendo. The New Switch 2 is currently only a fan-desired concept. If there are any developments, we will let you know.

However, Nintendo is unlikely to launch a new version of the Switch until next year, at the earliest. According to a tweet by company executive Takashi Mochizuk, a Nikkei report claims that Nintendo has confirmed “there will be no new Nintendo hardware this fiscal year, which ends in March 2023.” (thanks GamesRadar).

It’s still possible that “new Switch hardware” is referring to a different version of the Switch OLED, such as the one used in Splatoon 3, rather than an actual Switch upgrade. With the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 scheduled for “spring 2023,” any upcoming hardware might simply be an updated version of the current OLED display decorated in Zelda-inspired artwork.

Despite our scepticism, we’d buy a Switch 2 provided it had the following improvements:

New and improved Joy-Con grips: It’s common knowledge that the Switch controllers are a major pain for grownup hands to hold due to their size and lack of ergonomic design. Fixing this is a priority for the next generation of gaming consoles. People might not feel the need to invest in the best third-party Switch controllers if this were available.

No more drift: Joy-Con drift, in which the controllers report input while nothing is touching them, has been the basis of multiple lawsuits against Nintendo. Because of this, your characters might start moving on their own or leaning to one side, which is annoying.

Screen pliability: Many have pointed out that the Switch’s display is vulnerable because it lacks any sort of protection. A clamshell style, like the 3DS, could be implemented for the console. This could be achieved with a flexible screen, but given Nintendo’s track record, I doubt they’ll adopt such a newfangled technology anytime soon. Perhaps at a later day.

At the very least, 4K resolution in TV mode: While improved visuals in Switch’s handheld and TV modes would be welcome, they would be most noticeable on larger displays. Like the vast world of the upcoming Breath of the Wild 2, we’d love to see greater attention to detail in our favourite games. It would be a huge step up from what we have now if handheld mode could be upgraded to 1080p at the very least.

Switch OLED has 64 GB of storage, which is a significant improvement over the original Switch and Switch Lite’s 32 GB (enough for three major games) (about enough for six large games). It would be preferable if a new Switch supplied additional space out of the box rather than forcing everyone to acquire a microSD card to enhance storage capacity. At the very least, it should be expandable to at least 128 gigabytes, the current ceiling for smartphone storage.

No way. There is no assurance that Nintendo will release Switch 2 before releasing their next-generation console. The Switch OLED, Nintendo’s most recent console, features a bigger OLED display that improves visual quality over prior Switch models by making colours more vibrant and bringing forth finer details.

Most consoles are designed to last between three and five years, while some of the more popular models can last up to seven. We are already well over halfway through the Switch’s lifespan (it was released in March 2017). Thus, Nintendo must be working on its next-generation system, which is expected to be released in the next two to three years. If you want to be among the first to experience the next great thing, you’ll have to keep waiting.

Nintendo Switch 2

Fan-made Nintendo Switch 2 Concepts

People have already come up with some amazing concept designs for the next version of the Switch, but it’s safe to say that everyone has their own opinion on how the console should go. Several of the more outstanding examples are presented below.

In light of the release of the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, the concept art by Olivier Raymond looks a little dated. It’s not perfect, but it’s still beautiful and shows what an improved Switch could be like in the future. In TV mode, the Switch can rest flat on the dock, which is one of my favourite features.

The ideas behind Red Phoenix revolve around numerous enhancements we’d want to see implemented in a Switch console. Among these include a more compact dock, tabletop mode support, front-firing speakers, and more.

The Switch’s display isn’t covered up while it’s not in use, which is a common gripe among Switch owners. Katarzyna Penar suggests a clamshell design with two screens, like the 3DS, as a viable alternative.

While I’m not crazy with the clumsy aesthetic of this notion, I do think DZ Migo’s pop-up screen is brilliant. Similar concepts for a flexible Switch screen that folds into a clamshell cover like the 3DS have been proposed before, but this is a new twist on the idea.

Switching Things Up

I’ve said before that at this point in the Switch’s lifespan, it’s highly unlikely that Nintendo will release a more powerful model with 4K and increased processing power. These sorts of enhancements are more likely to appear on the next-generation Nintendo console. If Nintendo does indeed choose a new hybrid console format, that is.

The Switch OLED offers Nintendo’s finest gaming experience to date. The Switch Pro Controller boasts a fantastic OLED screen that is noticeably larger than the screens on earlier Switch consoles and dramatically enhances the visual experience.

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