Oak Fire Prompts Evacuations In Mariposa County California

Oak Fire Prompts Evacuations In Mariposa County California

Significantly advancing to the east, the Oak Fire now crosses Jerseydale Road near Wild Dove Lane, two miles south of Jerseydale. That places it less than a mile west of the very huge Ferguson Fire’s footprint, which scorched over 96,000 acres in 2018. On July 13, 2018, along Highway 140, close to the Savage Trading Post, it was brought on by a vehicle with a hot catalytic converter that was parked in dry grass.

Spot fires are starting far earlier than the main fire because of the Oak Fire’s aggressive fire behaviour. The Oak Fire had expanded to 11,500 acres, according to the most recent mapping, as of 4:20 p.m., according to Air Attack. Air Attack estimated the size of the Oak Fire as 9,100 acres at 11:15 on Saturday. Ten structures have been destroyed, according to CAL FIRE. It’s probable that number will rise.

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The Oak Fire in Midpines, California, remained active for a large portion of Friday night. Between 10 p.m. and 4:25 a.m. Saturday, when FIRIS mapped it at 6,555 acres, it had grown by about 2,200 acres. It began producing two smoke columns around 30 minutes after sunrise, one of which had enough energy to be topped by a pyrocumulus cloud. The other was quite a distance apart.

Just to be clear, wildfires typically die down at night, giving firefighters the chance to get closer and establish direct fireline. It is unusual for a fire to be burning so vigorously so soon after dawn that it is producing numerous smoke columns, particularly a pyrocumulus column.

Evacuations have been mandated by the Mariposa County Sheriff as far south as Highway 49 and as far east as Jerseydale. You can find their map online. It has already been stated that this fire is dangerous. The Oak Fire is fast growing. It reached Darrah Road when it was mapped at 4:25 a.m. on Saturday after spreading south across Triangle Road. It was then located about a half mile to the west of Darrah. West of the town, firefighters intended to conduct a burning operation between Triangle Road and Darrah Road.


According to the local spot weather forecast, next week will continue to be hot and dry. Generally speaking, winds will be calm, however afternoon gusts are to be expected. Mostly clear skies, temperatures ranging from 90 to 94 degrees, relative humidity of 9 to 13 percent, and ridgetop breezes from the south to southwest gusting to 20 mph on Saturday. Poor humidity recovery, between 26 and 31 percent, and very light breezes are forecast for Saturday night. 10 to 14 percent relative humidity on Sunday, with afternoon ridgetop breezes out of the west at 4 to 8 mph.

In Mariposa County, the Oak Fire that erupted in Central California on Friday afternoon has been spreading quickly. Several locations east and southeast of Midpines have been ordered to evacuate by the County Sheriff. It was 4 miles northeast of Mariposa at 10 p.m. on Friday. This fire is hazardous. When in question about their safety, residents should not wait to leave. It was mapped at 1,745 acres at 5:09 p.m.; at 10 p.m., CAL FIRE reported that it had expanded to 4,350 acres.