Officials Woman Dies in Volusia County House Fire

Officials: Woman Dies in Volusia County House Fire

Officials: Woman Dies in Volusia County House Fire: Authorities in Volusia County are looking into the circumstances behind a deadly house fire in Deltona. Firefighters said the house’s contents, which included an older woman living alone, made the fire more hot and challenging.

On Monday morning, the flames returned. The Gregory Drive house was surrounded by a dense growth of trees and vegetation, yet it was still visible from the street.

A day after they first had to fight a severe fire there, Deltona firefighters had to act quickly to put it out. When we arrived on the scene, the fire was already very intense, said Deltona Fire Rescue Chief Bill Snyder.

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According to Deltona Fire Chief Snyder, they received a call about the fire at 9 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Since it had already spread so widely, they could not enter the building until they had extinguished most of the flames from the exterior.

According to Snyder, many flames were coming from the roof, the area around the front entrance, and the rear porch. According to authorities, a woman in her 80s who lived there was discovered dead next to the front door.

She lived there alone for a long time, according to her neighbors. You can tell from the outside how full of things the garage was. According to officials, the rest of the house was crammed with belongings, hampered firefighters’ operations, and contributed to the fire.

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“The high fire conditions and the intense fuel load inside the house make it very difficult to try to go into the house to rescue anybody,” Snyder added. Officials cannot pinpoint the exact cause of the fire at this time. The municipal and state fire marshals are handling the inquiry.