Offset Speaks Out About Takeoff's Death (2)

Offset Speaks Out About Takeoff’s Death

As the hip-hop scene grieves Takeoff’s passing, his family and friends look for information about the senseless murder. Kasahara Marshall, the rap star’s aunt and Quavo’s sister, has recently made public her efforts to learn who the 28-year-murderer old’s is. She also encouraged the populace to employ all tools and strategies required to track out the shooter.

She cryptically added, “By any means,” to her Instagram Story after writing, “Find out who done this to my nephew.” The tweet received a lot of feedback, with some social media users questioning whether Marshall advocated using violence while trying to find the offender.


On November 1, Takeoff, also known as Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot and killed outside a Houston billiards and bowling alley. The rapper was with Quavo and other friends when he was hit several times and declared dead on the spot. The incident is the subject of an ongoing investigation; no suspects have been detained.

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The “Versace” rapper’s funeral was conducted on Friday (November 11) in Atlanta’s State Farm Arena. It featured speeches from Offset, Drake, and Quavo and musical remembrances by Chloe and Justin Bieber. Huncho sent a touching statement expressing his grief upon the passing of his nephew in addition to his remarks during the service.

Because you were always at my side and we did everything together, it’s difficult to admit that I miss you, the 31-year-old wrote in the lengthy letter. “Since we were kids, you’ve always stood by my side, looking at me with those yearning eyes.”

The “Hotel Lobby” rapper tried to set the atmosphere for their relationship by showing how close they were to one another. He added, “Now I finally grasp it… you are OUR angel watching me and watching us this whole time in live form. I’ve been trying to find out what you are to me because nephew ain’t it.”