Ohio Man is in Jail After Eluding Deputies in Dearborn County

Ohio Man is in Jail After Eluding Deputies in Dearborn County

According to officials, an Ohio man who escaped custody in southeast Indiana is now back in jail. Ryan McIntosh, 34, of Harrison was discovered on December 6 by Deputy Richard Lay close to the intersection of Stateline and Jamison roads in Bright, Indiana, according to the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office.

After learning that McIntosh had a warrant out for his arrest, Deputy Lay attempted to take him into custody. Deputy Lay attempted to handcuff McIntosh, but he resisted and ran away.

Deputies claim that during the brief struggle, Deputy Lay attempted to subdue McIntosh and thought McIntosh had a handgun. Deputy Lay was able to lose McIntosh, and despite a thorough search of the area, deputies were unable to find him.

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Dearborn County Sheriff Shane J. McHenry used the 911 Center to inform the public that McIntosh was still at large and thought to be armed for the protection of locals.

McIntosh was apprehended by the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office on Jeb Drive in Bright on Wednesday afternoon, according to authorities. According to Dearborn County Sheriff Shane J. McHenry, additional charges against McIntosh from the incident earlier this week are likely to be brought.