Olivia Culpo Ex Boyfriend Is Olivia Culpo In A Relationship

Olivia Culpo Ex Boyfriend: Is Olivia Culpo In A Relationship?

“The Culpo Sisters,” Olivia Culpo sobbed openly about an ex-boyfriend who she alleges treated her with disrespect. In a sit-down interview for the TLC show, the 30-year-old former Miss Universe revealed, “I was with someone that did nasty, horrible things.”

I was treated in every way as though I were less than human. I’ve never talked about it before, she added as she started crying. The brunette beauty has been in at least three high-profile relationships, but Culpo did not specify which ex she was alluding to in the teaser.

She was formerly romantically linked to pop star Nick Jonas for two years and is now seeing Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. The latter came to an end because of “far distance.”

However, her relationship with her most recent boyfriend, Danny Amendola, ended in scandal due to claims that the former NFL player had an extramarital affair. Amendola, now 36, was seen flirting with a reporter named Bianca Peters while out on a Miami beach date in October 2018. At the time, he was still seeing Culpo.

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The couple’s separation was later confirmed, with a source saying that Culpo was “extremely unhappy and startled” over the pictures showing Amendola having a romantic relationship with another girl.

The pair was sighted there on New Year’s Eve a few months later, so it appears they tried to make things work once more. Then, in April 2019, Amendola announced that he and Culpo were no longer dating, but not before insulting his former model girlfriend.

The sportsman posted a tirade on Instagram, which he later deleted, in which he claimed that Olivia “chooses and wants to be famous on the internet and in Hollywood to make money.” Olivia is a proponent of the fishbowl lifestyle. You understand my private nature if you’re a true friend.

Then Amendola frankly said, “We had some fantastic times together,” and “the sex was f-king crazy,” before stating, “The expense of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me. I participate in sports for one purpose: RESPECT.

In the latest clip, Olivia claims that she and her sisters have “no boundaries,” “no filter,” and “no shortage of drama,” adding that they are “all incredibly close, even though we occasionally want to murder each other.” On November 7 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery Plus, “The Culpo Sisters” makes its debut.

Who has dated Olivia Culpo?

Theo Lochte: Olympic athlete Ryan Lochte and actress Olivia Culpo were allegedly dating in September 2012. Ryan told E! News, without confirming the rumours, “She is stunning. I adore spending time with her.

She makes me laugh, she has a fantastic sense of humour, and she’s just a fun girl to be around. Olivia refuted the claims, telling Page Six that their meeting last week was all there was to it. When they see people together, people conjure up stories. You can’t base it on simply meeting someone.

Jonas, Nick

Following their meeting when the latter earned his hosting job at that year’s Miss USA pageant, Olivia and the youngest Jonas Brother and Disney alum Nick Jonas started dating in August 2013.

Nick said that several songs on his second studio album, including the popular song Jealous, were inspired by his relationship with Olivia. We went out one night, and this guy was staring at her for a bit too long, the singer admitted to Wendy Williams.

“It was unpleasant. I don’t get envious, and I had one or two beers when this happened. I got into it, so I decided to simply think about it differently before sitting down to write this song. Olivia even made an appearance in the Jealous music video, staying true to the song’s original intent.

The ex-couple struck splitsville in June 2015, and an insider said the following to E! News: “Even though this is a delicate subject, they still care about, love, and only want the best for one another. It has not been easy for the two of them lately because of the distance and ups and downs, but they are aware that this is the best course of action for them right now.

Tebow, Tim

While Nick found love with Baywatch actress Priyanka Chopra, Olivia found happiness with NFL player Tim Tebow. Olivia and Tim dated from September 2015 until November of that same year, according to reports, and then the former broke things off with the former New York Jets player.

Amendola, Danny

Danny Amendola of the New England Patriots and Olivia made their relationship on an Instagram official in February 2016. The two split up in March 2018 and again in November 2018 before calling it quits for good.

As sleuths attempted to determine who they were dating after their second breakup, both parties were observed with other individuals. Even though Danny was seen with Miami-based CBS reporter Bianca Peters and Olivia was seen with Zedd, they ultimately reconciled.

The ex-couple parted ways in April 2019 after realising that the reunion was not meant to stay. Danny blamed Olivia’s lifestyle and work for their breakup in a rant on Instagram, writing: “I believe there should be a border btw private life and social media. Olivia adheres to the fishbowl way of life. Our relationship suffered greatly from this basic divide.

“You know I’m private if you’re my actual friend. The people closest to me in this world are my mother, brother, father, and nephew, and there isn’t a picture of any of them because I want to keep them safe from anyone who could condemn and criticise them.

To gain money, Olivia “selects and wants to be acknowledged on the internet and in Hollywood.” The expense of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me, he continued. I participate in sports for one purpose:

Matthew McCaffrey

Olivia started dating a different football player in May 2019. The model fueled romance speculations with Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey as a result of her social media behaviour. The couple celebrated their third anniversary on Instagram on June 22, 2022, to display their relationship.

The fashion blogger was open with her followers and revealed aspects of her and Christian’s relationship: “I wasn’t searching for a relationship three years ago. “I was hesitant when my best friends Tyler and Kristen contacted me to ask if I would be open to meeting their friend Christian.

“I was concerned that it would be the same old scenario repeated and that all males were alike.” Even though I had low hopes, she continued, “I knew I couldn’t shut myself off and act in fear.