One Was Injured In A Car-Ambulance Collision In Hudson

One Was Injured In A Car-Ambulance Collision In Hudson

Following a collision between an automobile and a Greenport Rescue Squad ambulance on Monday night, one driver was transported to Columbia Memorial Health, according to Hudson police Lt. David Miller. According to Miller, the ambulance was not carrying any patients at the time of the collision.

Irene Byrne, the car’s 72-year-old Claverack resident driver, was just slightly hurt, according to Miller. According to Miller, neither the ambulance’s 28-year-old Hudson driver Connor O’Neill nor his passenger was hurt in the collision.

According to Miller, an examination into the collision showed that Byrne’s car moved out of the Hudson High School parking lot onto Harry Howard Avenue and collided with the ambulance’s passenger side as it was being driven south on Harry Howard.

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The ambulance was driven into the northbound lane by the impact’s force before coming to rest. Following several reports of the accident, Columbia County 911 dispatched Hudson Fire Department and a second ambulance from Greenport Rescue Squad to the area at around 7:07 p.m.

Before transporting Byrne to the hospital, crews checked all of the area’s occupants when they arrived. Until the collision was cleared, Harry Howard Avenue between Joslen Boulevard and Paddock Place was off-limits to traffic. The automobile was taken away from the scene after suffering significant front-end damage. According to Miller, the ambulance was able to be driven away.

According to Miller, no tickets were issued. Hudson police looked into it. The collision on Monday night was Columbia County’s second ambulance-related mishap in the previous five weeks. On September 12 in Greenport, a considerably worse accident took place when an ambulance and a car crashed at Middle Road, injuring five persons.

Around 11:50 a.m., the accident occurred as the Catskill ambulance was en route to Columbia Memorial Health with a patient. After the collision, the ambulance driver was freed with the help of the Jaws of Life. Fire departments from Greenport, Claverack, and Catskill as well as numerous ambulances from Greenport and Catskill responded.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office issued a citation to the Hudson-based car’s driver as a result of the collision. Both cars were towed away following the accident. Until the collision was cleared, Route 23 was closed for more than an hour.