Orange County Commission Will Examine Transportation Tax Proposal

Orange County Commission Will Examine Transportation Tax Proposal

The proposed transportation sales tax is going to be discussed by Orange County officials. The penny sales tax initiative was approved by commissioners in April and will appear on the November ballot. At 9 a.m. They will lean more on Tuesday. The County Commissioners will learn which programs would benefit in addition to a new dashboard that would track the development of initiatives.

Voters will decide in November if they ultimately want to raise the sales tax by one cent to fund transportation improvements. The referendum was approved after a 4-3 vote among commissioners in April.

According to commissioners, it could meet the county’s demands for transportation improvements with an estimated $600 million in revenue. That might increase Lynx and Sunrail service, better traffic flow and road conditions, and safer streets for walkers and cyclists.

The county reports that a poll on local transportation issues included more than 19,000 respondents. According to the county, the study identifies pedestrian and cyclist safety and traffic congestion as the top issues.

It demonstrates that locals would also prefer to see Lynx service expansion and more convenient routes. According to the survey, people want Sunrail to run on weekends more frequently and to reach more locations, such as the airport.