Orange County Leaders Want More Control Over IDA's PILOTS And Want The Board To Follow Rockland's Lead

Orange County Leaders Want More Control Over IDA’s PILOTS And Want The Board To Follow Rockland’s Lead

The Orange County Industrial Agency (IDA) is being urged in a letter by a group of town supervisors and village mayors in Orange County, as well as New York State Senator James Skoufis, to give taxing jurisdictions a more formal role in decision-making when PILOTS (Payment instead of Taxes agreements) are involved.

According to the letter, Rockland County handles things correctly. The letter to the board of directors of the Orange County IDA states, “Going forward, we insist on being treated in the same manner as the Rockland County IDA collaborates with its municipalities and school districts.”

The taxing jurisdictions are left to negotiate the tax break or reject a PILOT after the Rockland County IDA votes to authorize a PILOT “up to” a specific amount. While ensuring local leaders have a direct say in what happens in their community, the cooperative approach has not hindered economic development in Rockland County.

The signers are shocked that Orange County’s IDA forbids them from participating in decisions that significantly impact the tax base, revenue, and budgets. Without a vote or participation in negotiations, they write, “We are left to merely write a letter or share comments at a public hearing that can and frequently are ignored.”

Rockland County Is Looking For A Company To Manage Tourism Public Relations


Rockland County intends to hire a company to promote tourism to the “Gateway to the Hudson Valley” region. The County has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) to hire a business to promote tourism. On September 15 at 3 pm, bids are due. The average household in Rockland County would have had to pay an additional $422 if it weren’t for the money generated by tourism, which is a growing part of the country’s economy.

The County hopes to promote its natural, cultural, and historic assets through campaigns to draw domestic and foreign tourists. Visitors can also positively affect educational institutions and real estate, in addition to the County’s hotels, restaurants, shops, breweries, attractions, historical sites, and other features. The contract will have a one-year term with four one-year renewal options.

Trades and Crafts Volunteers Needed for Repair Café Volunteers are Required on Saturday, October 22, from 10 to 1. For the 2022 Fall Repair Café, which will be held on Saturday, October 22, at Haverstraw Center in the Village of Haverstraw, volunteer Repair Coaches are required. At a community event called Repair Café, people can bring their broken household items to have them fixed free of charge by volunteer Repair Coaches. Electronics, lighting, furniture, toys, small appliances, and jewelry will all have repair stations.

Repair coaches must be 18 years old and have experience fixing small appliances, woodworking, electronics, electrical systems, and costume jewelry, among other trades and crafts. No formal training is required to become a Repair Coach, and people of all ages are welcome to apply.

Volunteers are required on Saturday, October 22, from 10 am to 1 pm.

The goal of the Repair Café is to keep loved but broken items in use instead of throwing them away by repairing them. The Rockland Conservation & Service Corps, the Village of Haverstraw, and Rockland Green oversee the Rockland County Youth Bureau Program.

“We are increasingly turning into a ‘throw-away society that discards possessions at the first sign of a problem,” said Rockland County Executive Ed Day. The future of Rockland depends on preserving repair knowledge by passing it on to the younger generation. We hope you’ll join us and bring your knowledge.