Orange County Plans To Sue The Parental Rights In Education Act

Florida’s ORANGE COUNTY – The goal of a lawsuit filed in federal court on behalf of LGBTQ community members, parents, and kids is to have Florida’s HB 1557 “Parental Rights in Education” law declared unconstitutional. The Lambda Legal Defense Fund’s attorney Kell Olson assisted in filing the complaint.

This facade of neutrality or a greater purpose “breaks apart if you just scrape the surface at all,” Olson added. What harm does that cause the child, then? Of course, the parents are worried about the stigmatizing signals that will be conveyed to their children if they discuss their family in class and are promptly hushed or embarrassed. Olson said the 53-page lawsuit, which includes an Orange County student and parents of same-sex children enrolled in the district, describes the harm that HB 1557 has caused the plaintiffs.

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The bill’s proponents said that K–3 pupils are too young to learn about sexuality and gender identity, which is something the statute forbids. HB 1557 states that certain grade levels are not allowed to address sexual orientation or gender identity in the classroom. Olson claimed to have met with a teacher who admitted she was unsure of what topics pupils could and couldn’t discuss. She expresses concern by asking the children, “Why does he have to be a dad?,” and responding with a sympathetic statement similar to what she would say about any other family structure. It is unclear. The school will be concerned about liability if a student returns home and complains to a parent, according to Olson.

When asked for a comment, an Orange County Public Schools representative stated the district doesn’t address ongoing legal disputes. After teachers and parents expressed uncertainty about how the law will be put into practise, OCPS dispelled some falsehoods regarding the law last month. The district clarified that same-sex teachers could still use preferred pronouns and exhibit pictures of their families, among other things.

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