Orlando Police Identify Man Found Dead in Workshop

Orlando Police Identify Man Found Dead in Workshop

Tuesday night, a man was discovered dead inside a residence in Orlando. Ruben Davila, 40, was the man who was killed, according to the police. The inquiry is still ongoing on Frigate Drive, off Michigan Street, close to State Road 436.

According to authorities, Davila’s roommate heard a loud noise and went to investigate, discovering Davila’s death in the home’s workshop. The roommate attempted CPR on Davila while dialling 911. OPD reports that when the paramedics arrived, Davila was already declared dead.

Tuesday night, just before 8 o’clock, Orlando police claim they received a report about a suspicious guy. The authorities are searching for a light-skinned man with long, curly hair. Before the loud noise, neighbours reported to police seeing him dashing to and from the house shirtless. The suspect may know the victim, according to the police.

The investigators searched the house, its garage, and the small side workshop. She wasn’t at home when it happened, according to a neighbour. Her son alerted her to the dreadful news as she was about to board a trip back to Orlando.

My kid apologised for not being able to pick me up and asked, “Could I get a ride?” calling me from someone else’s phone—A neighbour who preferred to remain anonymous remarked.

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The woman claimed that when she got home on Tuesday night, it was surrounded by cops. “Police are present everywhere. I am unable to enter my home. She said, “I can’t even take my car.

The mom informed WESH 2 News that her son had claimed to have discovered the man. “He just said, “Mom, I tried to help him,” when speaking to me. I was the one who discovered him. I tried to assist him. That’s all I know, he added after stating that “we contacted 911.”

The mother claimed that the cops let him go after questioning her son. She claimed that although she spoke with her son shortly after, she is still unsure what happened. “He sounded quite anxious and disturbed. I’m not sure, so. He most likely doesn’t want to return,” she stated.

The neighbour expressed concern. She said, “I don’t know why it happened. People like James Matthews, who lives nearby in Conway’s Lake Porters Reserve community, were amazed by it.

Seeing this in person is shocking, and hearing that something so terrible occurred surprises me, added Matthews. The majority of the neighbours claimed they were unaware of any noise, but a handful claimed to have heard what appeared to be a muffled gunshot at the Frigate Drive property.

Police also cordoned off two garbage cans on either side of a cabinet placed on the sidewalk in front of a residence with security cameras four doors down the street. Three nuns live in the house right next to where the man was killed.

As Matthews approached the scene on Wednesday morning, he thought about that. “When my mother first watched the tape, she initially freaked out and said, ‘I hope it’s not the nuns,'” stated Matthews.